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March 12th, 2013 Comments off, a subdivision of the ACE Data Group, LLC announced that they have entered into a partnership with Acer America. The partnership allows all Acer support agents to recommend Data Recovery Services for any media recovery needs their customers may have. This includes drives that are under warranty or out of warranty. It adds a new breadth of services previously unavailable to Acer customers. This will greatly increase the level of overall Acer customer satisfaction and loyalty.

As the authority in the recovery industry, has provided reliable and cost effective solutions serving a global market for over 30 years. Their state-of-the-art facilities are staffed with the finest personnel from engineering to customer service.’ in-house team of Research & Development engineers design and build cutting-edge hardware and software that allows them to recover any types of files from any storage media no matter what the cause of the failure is. By partnering with Data Recovery Services, Acer is now well positioned to offer all-inclusive data recovery services for its entire product line.

Acer has been making high quality products since 1976 and is ranked by Gartner as number 2 for notebook PCs globally. This type of robust mobile technology is allowing customers to store more and more of their critical data on these devices every day. Due to their portable nature mobile PCs become exposed to different environmental factors such as heat, water, and dust, making laptop and notebook computers far more susceptible to data loss than their desktop counterparts.

"Our goal is to continue to forge these significant relationships with the top hardware manufacturers. Acer is a major player in the PC industry and this partnership shows their commitment to continually improving their customers’ experience and providing them the best products and services available." ACE Data Group CEO, Charles Walker, considers the partnership with Acer as a major step in the overall company strategy for the future. is part of ACE Data Group LLC, provider of computer forensic and data recovery services to customers all over the world. Since 1981 Data Recovery Services work with any type of media including HDD, SSD, RAID, SAN, NAS, flash drives, and tapes.


ACE Data Group Announced Strategic Partnership With Dell

October 1st, 2012 Comments off

ACE Data Group, LLC, today announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership with Dell( The partnership allows Dell support agents to recommend Data Recovery Services for any media recovery needs their customers may have. This expands the range of services Dell can offer their customers and greatly increases the level of customer satisfaction.

While most hardware manufacturers warranties only cover replacement of failed hardware and not data recovery, Dell is now well positioned to offer a comprehensive data recovery service for all of its commercial products. As the authority in the recovery industry, Data Recovery Services has provided reliable and cost effective solutions serving a global market for over 30 years. DRS facilities are cutting edge and staffed with the finest personnel from engineering to customer service. Data Recovery Services represents the best choice for Dell customers.

“Even the best equipment on the planet, such as Dell, can fail or become inaccessible due to natural disasters, power surges, failed hard drives and human error. This is where the DRS-Dell partnership comes into play to support Dell’s customers to the fullest.”says Data Recovery Services General Manager Don Wells.

Laptops and notebook computers take a lot of abuse, and with todays mobile technology, more and more critical data is being stored on these devices every day. Because they are often carried about and exposed to different environmental factors such as heat, water and dust, laptops and notebook computers are far more susceptible to data loss and became a subject for data recovery than their desktop counterparts.

“Our RAID data recovery technologies are unparalleled in the industry, and we have dedicated resources to support exactly what Dell customers would require. With the quality of Dell products and our experience and knowledge, this partnership has created a true, full circle of support.” continued Mr. Wells

More and more corporations, and even small businesses, move to the cloud and virtual environments with comprehensive replication and backup. But no RAID or cloud setup is immune to data loss, and even the best configured systems can still fail due to power surges or human error. Replication, for example, does not protect against accidental deletion of critical data because this operation will be replicated. Unfortunately, backup infrastructure and planning is not failure-proof itself and can be affected by data loss in the same ways current storage systems can. Also, many backups are not done “on the fly”, meaning a part of the important data may not have been backed-up in the time window when the data loss happened. This piece of information may be critical for business itself, not to mention possible compliance and regulatory issues of sensitive data.

ACE Data Group CEO, Charles Walker, regards the Dell partnership as a major goal for the future direction of the company, “This partnership is critical to our objective of being the number one data recovery and computer forensic service provider. We truly appreciate Dell’s confidence in our ability to not only solve complex recovery issues, but to also increase customer satisfaction and loyalty”.

About ACE Data Group LLC
ACE Data Group LLC, provider of computer forensic and data recovery services to customers all over the world. Since 1981, Data Recovery Services has worked with every type of media including HDD, SSD, RAID, SAN, NAS, flash drives, and tapes. For additional information visit their website at: or call at 877-304-7189.

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24 Hour Data Saves the Night with Recent RAID Recovery

August 18th, 2012 Comments off

24 Hour Data RecoveryBusiness owners who provide important services can’t accept downtime, even if it means working through the night to re-build a RAID array after a hard drive failure. Encartele, a Dallas-based Voice Over IP provider for correctional and confinement facilities, relies on rock-solid technology to process hundreds of thousands of phone calls, keeping loved ones in touch across the miles.

When a RAID-5 array recently went bad, Encartele owner Scott Moreland faced a data recovery emergency at 10:30 at night. The company was performing system upgrades, so back-ups weren’t accessible.

“I couldn’t get the RAID re-built. I couldn’t access my critical data. I admit, I was freaking out a little bit,” Moreland said.

He searched the Yellow Pages for Dallas data recovery specialists. But nearly every data recovery company he called didn’t answer the phone.

“The few who answered quoted me astronomical rates for emergency data recovery at thattime of night,” Moreland says.

Emergency RAID Recovery: 24 Hour Data Saves the Night

Finally, Moreland says, he dialed the right number: 1-866-598-DATA. The round-the-clock data recovery specialists at 24 Hour Data answered the phone and suggested Moreland drop off the drive.

“My immediate reaction was, ‘I like this guy!’” Moreland recalls.

Moreland liked the 24 Hour Data experts even better when they called him five hours later to report they recovered all the mission critical data.

“I came back in the morning to pick up the re-built RAID array with all my data recovered and in place. It was that easy. Life was good,” Moreland says.

Living the Good Life with 24 Hour Data

Since then, Moreland says, his days of shopping for a data recovery service he can trust are over. “They have the most reasonable pricing I could find, and the service is top notch.”
He continues, “Data recovery is a highly specialized field, and we associate that with extremely high prices. But that doesn’t have to be the case.”

Describing 24 Hour Data’s RAID recovery rates as “fair” and “reasonable,” Moreland says he uses 24 Hour Data, and its partner firm, 24 Hour Computer, for all his high-level IT service. “I feel greater peace-of-mind knowing 24 Hour Data and 24 Hour Computer are there as a resource for my business. If anyone is looking for amazingly good service at a very fair price, I feel there’s no one better.”

24 Hour Data President Sean Wade says helping Dallas business owners like Moreland gives his job greater meaning. “Encartele provides an important communication service for correctional and confinement facilities. Inmates view Encartele’s phone and video calling services as their lifeline to loved ones. We’re proud to assist Encartele with RAID data recovery and repair services to help keep those communication lines open.”

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About 24 Hour Data

With more than 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, 24 Hour Data has unmatched success rates in data recovery for all forms of storage media, including flash data recovery, SSD data recovery(solid-state drive data recovery), hard drive data recovery, Mac recovery and more. Looking for a data recovery service you can trust to recover your lost data? Call the data recovery experts at 24 Hour Data.

Kroll Ontrack launches Ontrack Data Recovery Portal

June 5th, 2012 Comments off

krollontrack_logo Data recovery vendor, Kroll Ontrack, recently launched its free Ontrack data recovery portal, which offers a paperless service for partners.

“We were developing it for the US market but the shortage of education on this matter led us to roll it out here in Australia. It gives the ability for the partner to log jobs through the online portal and they can open up a job, send in a device for recovery, and watch its progress,” Kroll Ontrack Asia-Pacific general manager, Adrian Briscoe said.

Briscoe mentioned that introducing the portal has made its partners more self-serving, eliminating the need to call in and speak to its consultant. Onsite computer service provider and Kroll Ontrack Australian partner, Geeks2U managing director, David Hancock, said that the portal has enabled its business to manage its customers’ data recovery needs independently.

This portal is an added service to its data recovery certified partner program, launched in May 2011, that offers partners with training and informational materials and access to its data recovery methodology.

Through the certified partner program, the company has already registered more than 245 certified partners across A/NZ, and intends to grow that base to 270 partners, Briscoe claimed.

In further educating the market, Kroll Ontrack launched a data recovery awareness campaign to dispel data recovery myths.

He said that the campaign aims to help consumers and organisations with selecting a data recovery service that is right for their needs and helps protect their data from future loss.

“Data recovery myths can be disproved with the right technology, technical know-how and approach to service,” Briscoe said.

The top five data recovery myths include:

  • The most inexpensive data recovery quote will result in the same outcome as the other quotes
  • Not experiencing a significant data loss means a business does not require a data recovery plan
  • In the event of a data loss situation, a company’s IT department can handle it
  • Data recovery is not possible in some situations and for some technologies
  • Due to the nature of their business, all data recovery companies know how to keep a company’s data safe

More information on these myths can be accessed from

SMBs advised to Setup Data Recovery Plans

February 23rd, 2012 Comments off

SMBs advised to setup data recovery plansSMALL and medium-scale companies (SMBs) need to implement backup recovery programs to safeguard their data and knowledge, stated a professional of the security, storage and systems management solutions provider.

Inside a press briefing on Tuesday, Symantec Philippines Senior Country Manager Luichi Robles stated it is extremely essential for SMBs to pursue measures in safeguarding their information. “Nowadays, it is vital to possess a backup infrastructure due to the regularity of visits of typhoons along with other disasters,” stated Robles.

“While information volumes are increasing, the IT budgets of numerous organizations within the Philippines aren’t keeping pace. Actually, oftentimes the budgets might be diminishing. The on-demand needs and twenty-four hours a day business design today does mean customers want immediate access to their data and programs,” she stated.

According to the company’s 2011 SMB Disaster Readiness Survey, the country’s SMBs aren’t showing priority for disaster readiness until they encounter it. Symantec stated 51 percent of participants in the Philippines don’t have an agenda in position and 33 percent stated they aren’t conscious in setting up a tragedy recovery plan.

The organization stated laptop computer says the price of not prepared is high, putting an SMB vulnerable to going bankrupt.

Also within the press briefing, Symantec Regional Technical Director for Asia South Raymond Goh stated the organization just folded out its Backup Professional 2012 V-Ray edition for SMBs  “The new items get rid of the difficulties of storing and locating information since it has flexible delivery models in software or even the cloud,” he stated.

“Backup Professional 2012 may be the culmination in our global team of expert engineers who spent million plus guy-hrs centered on altering the playing area of backup software,” stated Goh.

In addition, Goh stated the characteristics in Backup Professional 2012 are centered on three key styles important to the SMBs namely-eliminating complexity supplying virtualization-centric protection and offering SMBs one product for seamless, economical and finish recovery.

Goh stated SMBs could be cost-efficient through utilizing virtualization technology to safeguard the information because there’s no need to buy an additional solution.

“Through the V-Ray technology, Backup Professional 2012 allows visibility across virtual and physical conditions for fast and efficient backup and recovery while getting rid of the requirement for specialized point items,” he stated.

Robles stated Symantec continues to promote awareness isn’t an archiving process but a protection strategy. “Backup is really a critical a part of a business protection’s strategy,” he stated.

Getting a detailed to two million customers worldwide of Backup Professional Solution, Robles stated it’s the mandate of Symantec to help SMBs also it professionals to be efficient in backup recovery.