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CD Optical Storage

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Optical storage is a term from engineering referring to the storage of data on an optically readable medium. Data is recorded by making marks in a pattern that can be read back with the aid of light. A common modern technique used by computers involves a tiny beam of laser light precisely focused on a spinning disc. An older example, that does not require the use of computers, is microform. There are other means of optically storing data and new methods are in development. Optical storage differs from other data storage techniques that make use of other technologies such as magnetism or semiconductors.

The term optical drive usually refers to a device in a computer that can read CD-ROMs or other optical discs.

CD Optical Storage Glossary of Computer Terms (Letter W)

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A special effect sequence of morph images that simulate smooth transitions of dissimilar frames.

“What You See Before You Get it.” An extension of WYSIWYG interface design allowing the user to view and edit selected smaller areas from a preview dialog box prior to committing special effects with the processing load of only a portion of the entire file.

“What You See Is What You Get.” A working interface of many authoring systems where an author sees the screens as he develops them exactly as they will appear to the user.

CD Optical Storage Glossary of Computer Terms (Letter V)

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Video capture
The term for converting analog video signal to digital stills and Motion files.

CD Optical Storage Glossary of Computer Terms (Letter U)

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Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter. An electronic circuit contained within the communications port(s) of the computer that decodes and encodes data in the fashion required by the specific machine for receiving and transmitting purposes. The UART also performs the actual data transmission to the communication device, once it has been encoded and is ready to send.

Uninterruptible Power Supply. A battery reserve system for computer power installed to supply power in the event of outage. These systems protect against data loss during power outage.

CD Optical Storage Glossary of Computer Terms (Letter T)

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A pressure sensitive input device used in conjunction with a pen to edit digital images.

A display monitor that is pressure sensitive to touch and is often used as a multimedia control instead or in conjunction with a keyboard. Better authoring systems should have touch-screen interface functions built in their software. Touch-screen displays vary widely and can be accomplished with special overlays or can come as integral screens with built-in touch-screen capabilities. The best screens also feature z-axis control, which allows screen response at different rates depending on the level of pressure applied.

A sequence of contiguous data, the beginning, length, mode and end of which are defined in the table of contents, which is held in the Q subcode channel of the lead-in area of the disc. The two types of tracks currently defined are the CD-DA track according to the CD-ROM specification that is also used in CD-I. In CD-DA the length of a track is related to playing times between four seconds and 72 minutes.

The Group term for a number of image editing activities including color and grey balancing, hue & saturation, gamma, histogram, and contrast adjusting…etc.