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Data Recovery Softwares 2015

March 1st, 2015 Comments off

R-Studio Data Recovery Software

Recover data lost to viruses, malicious attacks, hardware failures, and operating system crashes.

New Update: Version 7.6 build 156433: Support for Windows Storage Spaces created by Windows 10. Support for software Apple RAIDs created by the Mac OSX system. Accelerated disk scan for fast-read devices. Search for deleted file versions.

Free to try (256Kb-file undelete/recovery trial); $49.99 to buy.

R-Studio Data Recovery Software

File Scavenger Data Recovery Utility

Recover files and folders deleted accidentally or lost due to disk corruption.

Version 4.3 Support for the ZFS file system and RAID-Z (single and double parity). ZFS is an open-source file system and logical volume manager used in NAS devices (e.g. FreeNAS) and high-performance servers.

Support for the ReFS file systems. ReFS or Resilient File System is Microsoft’s next generation file system for the Windows platforms. Support for RAID 6.

Free to try (64KB file size recovery trial); $52.00 to buy.

File Scavenger Data Recovery Utility

VirtualLab Data Recovery

Recover lost data from Windows and Mac computers.

Free to try (1MB of recovered data); $39.95 to buy

Wise Data Recovery

Recover your files, documents, images, and e-mails from any storage media.


MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition

Recover your deleted files, lost data and partitions.


MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition

Data Recovery

Restore accidentally deleted FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS files.


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

Recover deleted files and data from formatted/lost/RAW partitions.


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

Pandora Recovery

Find, preview and restore permanently deleted files.


Active@ Undelete Data Recovery

Recover your data easily.

Free to try (64KB-file recovery trial); $44.95 to buy

Active@ Undelete Data Recovery

Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home

Recover lost or deleted data and restore Windows password.


Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home

WinMend Data Recovery Software

May 13th, 2013 Comments off

WinMend Data Recovery is a Windows-based data recovery application. It recovers data on FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, or NTFS5 partitions in Windows operating systems. It can be used to scan partitions in various hard drives, removable drives and even in data cards, and to search and recover deleted or missing files, files lost during formatting or due to partition exceptions. With unique recovery algorithm, WinMend Data Recovery can significantly improve the accuracy and speed of scanning, and ensure everything done in an absolutely safe condition without any negative impact on the system.

File size:2.52MB
Price: Free to try; Single-Computer License (Recovers files smaller than 64KB); $19.95 to buy
Operating system: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Supports Language: English, Czech, Hungarian.

WinMend Data Recovery Software Main Features:

1. Quick Scan
With this safe and high-speed scan engine, you can quickly locate and recover most deleted files.

2. Full Scan
In case Quick Scan fails, you can go through Full Scan, which will never miss a single chance to find missing files. Full Scan may take longer. However, with our unique engine, its speed and reliability are still significantly higher than its peers. (Full Scan is strongly recommended for formatted partitions.)

3. Unformat a Drive
If you lost your files due to the formatting of a drive, you can recover them with our Unformat a Drive function. Unformat a Drive helps you easily look for the lost files on the formatted drives and get them back with a few simple clicks!

4. Safe File Recovery
WinMend Data Recovery always ensures safe operations while recovering files. It never overwrites any current files. For those files that are not deleted but inaccessible because they are locked by the operating system or other applications, WinMend Data Recovery recovers and saves them to other partitions. Keep in mind, all operations are safe, and your current files will not be damaged or overwritten.

WinMend Data Recovery Software Customer Reviews:

Fast and strong data recovery function!

This nice software can really help me find the files I permanantly deleted. It did a big favor to me! Plus its price is soooooooooo good compared to other data recovery softs. I love it!!


More details: WinMend Data Recovery Software

Top 10 Data Recovery Softwares on 2012

November 1st, 2012 Comments off

1. Pandora Recovery
Find, preview and restore permanently deleted files. Version 2.1.1

2. Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition
Recover deleted files and recover data from formatted/lost partitions. Version 5.6.1

3. PC Inspector File Recovery
Recover lost or damaged files. Version 4

4. MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition
Recover your deleted files, lost data and partitions. Version 6.6

5. PC Inspector Smart Recovery
Bring back deleted pictures from any digital camera media.

6. Data Recovery
Restore accidentally deleted FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS files. Version 2.3.1

7. VaioSoft Recovery Manager
Recover, duplicate, and back up files lost due to system failure, deletion, or corruption. Version 1.5

8. Easeus Deleted File Recovery
Recover deleted files even after trashing data in Windows trash bin. Version 3.0.1

9. eData Unerase Personal
Recover lost or deleted files from hard disks and removable media drives. Version 3

10. R-Linux Free Recovery
Recover files from existing logical disks when file records are lost. Version 4.5 build 134117

Pandora Recovery Software: “The Best” Data Recovery Software

December 22nd, 2011 Comments off

find_the_bestIt will happen everybody, also it happens constantly: personal files or folder on the pc is finished. Whether it’s a corrupted drive or perhaps an accidental deletion, not locating them isn’t an option?- However for countless customers, The planet pandora Corp’s The planet pandora Recovery software was there to obtain individuals files back. Which year, the free data recovery tool arrived at two million downloads and received some exclusive recognition.

The planet pandora Recovery rated towards the top of FindTheBest’s “Best of Data Recovery Software 2011“. It received greatest markings, five from five stars, according to FindTheBest’s human-curated mixture of both a meta rating of software industry expert sources as well as an objective rating in line with the key features and specifications from the software.

Based on James Resetco, Business Development for Software at FindTheBest: “The resulting Wise Rating implies that Pandora’s Recovery product is among the best options readily available for anybody searching to recuperate lost or broken data.”

“We couldn’t be more happy relating to this award,” states The planet pandora Corp. co-founder, James Leasure. “We have produced a course that rebounds whenever possible for the customers, while ensuring it’s incredibly simple to use for that average, non-technical computer customers who require a quick and efficient recovery. We’re absolutely thrilled to become recognized for your.”

The planet pandora Recovery rebounds erased and/or lost data from both NTFS and Body fat formatted drives. It scans the asked for drive and develops a catalog of both existing and erased files and sites. Customers then have full treatments for which files to recuperate and what location to recover these to. Additionally, customers be capable of preview erased files of some types (images and text files) without carrying out the entire recovery.

A complete listing of The planet pandora Recovery 2.1 features are available on

“We live an progressively digital lifestyle. Mistakes tend to be more harmful now once they happen, because of the growing reliance upon computer systems and technology. Fortunately, there’s help like our Recovery program” states Leasure.

Presently, The planet pandora Recovery sits easily among the list of 5 best weekly System Utilities downloads on it supports the number 13 just right the very best Downloads list within the same category. This program touts an “outstanding” 4.5-star Editor’s rating and it has received typically 4 stars from customers in over 800 reviews. To date, over 2.3 million individuals have downloaded this program.

As the fundamental software programs are still liberated to everybody, just for a nothing more than the cost of the empty USB memory stick, you can purchase The planet pandora Mobile Recovery. This portable version of The planet pandora Recovery (on USB drive) requires no installation and greatly increases the risk of data recovery success by running this program from and recuperating the erased data towards the The planet pandora Mobile Recovery unit. With the Mobile version omits the risk of data being further corrupted or written-over throughout a set up process.

System Needs: The planet pandora Recovery requires Home windows 2000, Home windows XP, Home windows 2003, Home windows Vista or Home windows 7 for installation. The planet pandora Recovery rebounds erased data from NTFS and Body fat formatted drives. You will find no plans at this time around to produce a version suitable for the Mac, Linux, or other non-Microsoft Operating-system.

About The planet pandora Corp.: The planet pandora Corporation was created with one goal –  to assist our clients monitor, control and safeguard their own families and themselves online. From keeping children protected from potential predators and shielding them from potentially dangerous or mature content, to making certain the integrity of the associations, online records, accounts and private information, The planet pandora Corporation’s flagship PC The planet pandora program is a vital tool in fighting against the potentially catastrophic effects of getting your privacy (or that of ones own) breached. The planet pandora Corporation is constantly on the innovate and integrate features our customers want and ask for. The planet pandora Recovery’s upgrades come like a evidence of our commitment.

List of 22 Data Recovery Softwares

April 28th, 2011 Comments off

List of 22 Data Recovery SoftwaresThese are the five common reasons of data loss(Hardware Failure,Firmware Corruption,Logical Error,Accidental Deletion,Operating System Failure.). You should be aware of these things to avoid your data from loss. If you have experienced data loss due to any of the reason, you need for data recovery to recover your valuable data. There are two options of data recovery you have- one is software method and second is hardware.

If your data is lost due to the software problem like logical error, operating system corruption or accidental deletion, then you should use data recovery software to recover and restore your data. Here is a collection of 22 data recovery softwares for you:

1. Pandora Recovery

2. Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition
Version: 5.5.1,Free,

3. MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition
Version: 6.5,Free,

4. NextBreed Data Recovery
Version: 1.0, Free to try; $64.99 to buy,

5. VirtualLab Data Recovery
Version:,Free to try (10MB of recovered data); $39.95 to buy,

6. EasyRecovery Professional
Version: 6.10, $499.00 to buy,

7. Recover Files
Version: 3.27,Price: Free to try(Limited functionality); $29.95 to

8. File Recovery Assist
Version:,Price: Free to try(Some features disabled); $29.95 to buy.

9. Data Recovery
Version: 2.3.1,Free,

10. Recover My Files
Version:,Price: Free to try (Save-disabled); $69.95 to buy,

11. GetDataBack Data Recovery
Version: 3.3, Free to try (Copy-disabled); $79.00 to buy,

12. PC Inspector File Recovery
Version: 4,Free,

13. File Scavenger Data Recovery Utility
Version: 3.2,Free to try (64KB file size recovery trial); $49.00 to buy,

14. Pen Drive Data Recovery Software
Version:,$45.00 to buy,

15. Moleskinsoft File Recovery
Version: 2.1.1,Free to try (Restores files with size of up to 100kB); $49.90 to buy,

16. Easeus Deleted File Recovery
Version: 3.0.1,Free,

17. R-Studio Data Recovery
Version: 5.3 build 133533,Free to try (64K-file undelete/recovery trial); $79.99 to buy,

17. Easeus Data Recovery Wizard
Version: 5.5.1,Free to try (1-mb size file recovery trial); $69.95 to buy,

18. GetDataBack for NTFS
Version: 4.21,Free to try (Full file recovery disabled); $79.00 to buy,

19. Memory Card Pictures Recovery Restore
Version:,Free to try (Limited file saving); $69.00 to buy,

20. USB Drive Data Recovery
Version:,Free to try (File saving feature is disabled); $45.00 to buy,

21. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional
Version: 4.2,Free to try (Recovery-disabled); $99.00 to buy,

22. R-Undelete
Version: 4.1 build 133533,Free to try (64KB-file trial); $54.99 to buy,

Data recovery cannot always be done on a running system. As a result, a boot disk, Live CD, Live USB, or any other type of Live Distro containing a minimal operating system and a set of repair tools is needed.

Knoppix: The original Linux Live CD. It contains many useful utilities for data recovery. SystemRescueCD: A Gentoo based Live CD, useful for repairing unbootable computer systems and retrieving data after a system crash.