CD Optical Storage Glossary of Computer Terms (Letter E)

Extended Industry Standard Architecture. A 32-bit bus architecture standard designed for PC compatibles to take advantage of newer and faster microprocessors. Supports older AT style expansion boards. IBM’s Micro Channel Architecture (MCA) does not.


Expanded Memory System. A specification developed by the Lotus, Intel and Microsoft (LIM) corporations for application programs to address added memory resources above the 640- k byte limit of PC and MS-DOS operating system. EMS helps provide maximum performance of memory-intensive applications such as Lotus 1-2-3 and Microsoft Windows.

Storing information according to a file specification for an intended retrieval suitability

Enhanced Parallel Port.

Enhanced Small Device Interface. A standard for connecting disk drives and tape drives to a computer. This standard enables the drive to transfer data at high speeds.

The opposite of selection. An editing technique to select desired areas of an image by ruling out all undesired areas. Particularly useful in selecting and removing an object from its background.