Hard Drive Tools

Useful tools for hard drive Data Recovery, Information & Management, Diagnosis, Cloning, Low-Level Editing, Wiping, Installation, Partition Management, Firmware Repair and more!

Hard Drive Tools License
Boot Management
Boot Partition Freeware
boot.kernel.org (BKO) Freeware
EditBINI Freeware
GAG (Graphical Boot Manager) GPL
Gujin GPL
MBRtool Freeware
MBRWork Freeware
netboot.me Freeware
PLoP Boot Manager Freeware
Smart BootManager GPL
SPFDISK (Special FDISK) Freeware
Super Grub Disk GPL
Super Grub2 Disk GPL
XFDISK (Extended FDISK) Freeware
XOSL (Extended Operating System Loader) GPL
Hard Drive Data Recovery
Offline NT Password & Registry Editor n/a
PhotoRec GPL
TestDisk GPL
Hard Drive Information & Management
ATA Password Tool Freeware
ATAINF Freeware
Change Definition Utility (for Fujitsu M16xx/M2915 HDDs) Freeware
DiskCheck Freeware
ESFeat (ExcelStor) Freeware
Feature Tool (IBM/Hitachi) Freeware
UDMA Utility (for Fujitsu MPD/MPE/MPF series HDDs) Freeware
UDMA Utility (for Fujitsu MPG series HDDs) Freeware
Hard Drive Diagnosis
ATA Diagnostic Tool (Fujitsu) Freeware
DLG Diagnostic (Western Digital) Freeware
Drive Fitness Test (IBM/Hitachi) Freeware
ES-Tool (Samsung) Freeware
ESTest (ExcelStor) Freeware
GWSCAN (Gateway) Freeware
HDAT2 Freeware
HUTIL (Samsung) Freeware
SCSIMax (Maxtor/Quantum) Freeware
SeaTools for DOS (Seagate/Maxtor) Freeware
SHDIAG (Samsung) Freeware
ViVARD Freeware
Hard Drive Cloning
CopyWipe Freeware
EaseUs Disk Copy Freeware
g4u BSD
HDClone (Free Edition) Freeware
partimage GPL
Partition Saving Freeware
PC INSPECTOR clone-maxx Freeware
Hard Drive Low-Level Editing
DiskSpy Free Edition (Personal use only) Freeware
Hard Drive Firmware Repair
Maxtor Firmware repair 2.0 Freeware
Seagate Firmware Repair 5.0 Freeware
Hard Drive Wiping
Active@ KillDisk Free Edition Freeware
CopyWipe Freeware
Darik’s Boot and Nuke GPL
Fujitsu Erase Utility Freeware
HDDErase Freeware
MAXLLF (Maxtor) Freeware
PC INSPECTOR e-maxx Freeware
SUTIL (Samsung) Freeware
Hard Drive Installation
Data Lifeguard Tools (Western Digital) Freeware
DiscWizard (Seagate/Maxtor) Freeware
Disk Manager (Samsung) Freeware
Hard Drive Partition Management
Cute Partition Manager Freeware
GParted GPL
Partition Resizer Freeware
Partition Saving Freeware
PTDD Super Fdisk Freeware
Ranish Partition Manager Freeware
SPFDISK (Special FDISK) Freeware
XFDISK (Extended FDISK) Freeware

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