ConsumerSoft releases My Backup Drive online backup service

ConsumerSoft introduced the discharge of My Backup Drive, their latest product and entry in to the online backup market.


My Backup Drive supplies a complete online backup solution for home customers. ConsumerSoft has combined high-speed data centers with easy-to-use software to create online backup easy and convenient. The My Backup Drive service also allows customers access their files online, includes limitless file versioning, an automatic backup schedule, and also the choice to make local backup copies too.

“We’re very excited to announce the discharge of My Backup Drive,” stated Robert Thompson, EVP of Product for ConsumerSoft. “With this particular cool product, you will find there’s complete solution for PC maintenance, technical support, and today online backup,” ongoing Thompson. “My Backup Drive is another strong competitor with better features and faster backup and restoration speeds than other services.”

My Backup Drive includes also provides secure file encryption, limitless versioning (saving all versions of merely one file), and web access for those their clients. ConsumerSoft cites growing bandwidth speed, lowering storage costs, and powerful consumer curiosity about cloud services as motivating forces behind their latest offering. The organization lately released My Faster PC 6, the latest version of the popular PC maintenance software, and released My Phone Support this year, an online tech support team service.

To learn more visit My Backup Drive Online Backup.

About ConsumerSoft
Founded in 2006, ConsumerSoft spent 2 yrs in R&D before starting the My Faster PC diagnostic and maintenance tool which has totally changed the customer utilities market. The Brand New You are able to-based clients are a business leader for making professional PC performance-improving technology available to all PC proprietors – a mission it accomplishes through intuitive user connects, low cost points, by supplying top tier tech support team. More details are available in the ConsumerSoft website.