Data Recovery Cost

Data Recovery Cost When a hard drive failures, it can mean that data files are corrupted or deleted. Corrupted files can often be fixed using data recovery softwares.

When the hard drive makes whirring or clicking noises or is unusually hot, or if the computer won’t start, the hard drive could be physically damaged, in which case a data recovery company may be able to recover data from the damaged hard drives.

The cost for data recovery Service can vary significantly from case to case, and is dependent on many factors such as amount and type of media, condition of the media, amount of resources used, and the overall time needed to recover the data.

Typical cost:

• Data recovery softwares are good choices for hard drives with deleted or corrupted files but no actual physical damage. These data recovery softwares range from $40-$129.00.
• For disks that are physically damaged, Aero Data Recovery charges a flat rate as low as $219.00 for a single hard disk drive of any capacity with any operating system.
• Some vendors charge based on the capacity of the hard disk. Disk Doctors charges $375 to recover data from a 30 GB single hard disk drive running Windows and charges $1,000 for a 500 GB drive.
• Others firms provide only estimates. Factors that influence price include the number of files to be recovered and the turnaround time.

What should be included:

• Physical assessment of disk failure problem(s) and determination what data can be recovered.
• Delivering recovered data to customers.
• Customer support.

Additional cost:

• Evaluation. Many firms do not charge for this, while others charge $20-$200.
• Expedited service. Most vendors expect a turnaround of three to seven business days Rush service can run to several thousand dollars.
• The cost of returning a hard drive is sometimes included in the quote.
• Cost of media used to return recovered data to customers. For small amounts of data, customers can supply CDs or a USB computer stick (approximately $15.00). A common option is for customers to supply a portable hard drive ($110-$332) when they send in their hard drives for repair. Recovered data can be obtained via secure online download, which may be the best option for international clients.
• Pick-up and delivery service can cost around $40.00 if a customer is located near the firm.
Shopping for data recovery:
• One way to find a provider is through a computer hardware vendor which may have a partnership with a data recovery service provider. For example, CompUSA uses DriveSavers Data Recovery for the computers they sell.
• Disk Doctors and DTI Data Recovery have lab sites located all over the U.S.
• Finally, some vendors, such as ESS Data Recovery, are authorized to open hard drives by all hard drive manufacturers without voiding warranties.