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Replace the PCB on the hard disk method

You can replace the printed circuit board on your hard disk if the old corrupted or damaged. They offer by companies hard disk manufacturer. Contact the manufacturer to get the chlorine required for the hard disk drive. Use the following steps to replace the PCB. Here are the steps that must be followed:

The first thing, you need to select the correct chlorine. So you need four things to match …

How to swap Seagate HDD’s PCB

Today we got a Seagate HDD of 7200.10 80G SATA which needed to do data recovery. First, connect the HDD with computer, there is no feedback. Then touch the spindle motor and motor IC, there is no computer. Form the above situation, we can judge the HDD’s problem was only caused by PCB damaged. We can swap PCB to resolve the problem.

How to swap PCB:

1.  Found a donor …

General Data Recovery Knowledges

1. The Frequently Reasons of Data Lose

a) Logically:

Delete; Format;Virus; Be Protected; Partition tab or MBR/DBR Broken;

b) Firmware:

Management Modules:Hard Disk couldn’t work or work well; Data Modules:Data lose or disordered;

c) Physically:

PCB Problem(Print circuit board. Donor PCB can be found on; Bad Sector; Motor Broken; Platter Scratch or out of alignment; Head Broken or out of alignment; Hard Disk over heated; Other Reasons;

2. Hard…

RAID Data Recovery Service

RAID provides high performance to us, especially server users but it also brings us with much trouble. For example, we might be troubled to manage RAID partitions such as resizing or moving them. Luckily we could solve the problem quickly and easily with partition manager softwares or by adding hard disk. However, when we encounter data loss due to system crash, virus attack or power failure/surge, it will get serious …

Recovering Hard Drive From Broken Computer

Q: My computer broke and I have pictures of my dog that passed away and I need to recover them… The problem is that the computer does not turn on… I recently bought a laptop. Do you know how I can recover the pictures? Please Help…

If you find yourself facing a data recovery job, then you have probably forgotten the cardinal rule of computing: All hard drives eventually fail. …

iPhone Data Recovery

iphonedatarecovery 1. About iPhone Data Recovery

iPhones can suffer from glitches, which can result in the phone crashing and needing to be restored. When this occurs, the restore process will wipe the device clean of any data. Data can be restored, however, and the process is simple through iTunes.

Function Each time the user syncs his iPhone with iTunes, the device will back up unless the backup process is interrupted.

Significance …