Default Folders on the Maxtor Shared Storage Drive

What initial folders are automatically created on the Maxtor Shared Storage Drive?

When you install the Shared Storage Drive and create a name and a password to access your personal folder, a set of folders is automatically created to help you organize your files.

Your Personal folder includes:

  1. Private folders that only you have access to.
    Note:To access your Personal folder on the Shared Storage Drive, Double-click the desktop icon for your Shared Storage Drive, that was created when you installed the drive.Maxtor Shared Storage Drive
  2. A shortcut to the “Public” folder where you can share files with other users of the Shared Storage Drive.

The Public folder includes:

  1. A set of folders in which users can share their files.
  2. The “Printers and Faxes” folder, where you can install printers as well as printer/fax machines to be available to all users of the Shared Storage Drive.