Dell and AccessData Launched New Forensics Toolkit

Dell and computer forensics specialists Access Data have released their new Dell Digital Forensics Platform and Forensic Toolkit 4.0 at the International Security and National Resilience (ISNR) exhibition in Abu Dhabi.


“Today’s launch of the FTK 4.0 is a significant milestone that marks the next phase of our efforts here in the Middle East. This release, which is unlike any other previously seen in the region, enables court-cited digital investigations and is built for speed, analytics and accuracy,” said Simon Whitburn, VP International Sales at AccessData.

The new forensics tool expands on AccessData’s existing solutions, to provide a turnkey solution for a wide range of investigative operations, including processing of forensic images and email archives; registry analysis; file decryption, password cracking, image creation and report building.

AccessData offers two expansion modules with the new version-Cerberus, a malware triage technology that provides threat scores and disassembly analysis to determine both the behaviour and intent of suspect binaries, and Virtualization for relationship analysis in multiple display formats, including timelines, cluster graphs, pie charts and more.

“We developed the combined platform in response to significant customer demand, in large part from this region. Dell has worked with us to provide a turn key digital forensics solution that enables our clients to get mobile very quickly. Partnerships with such leading organizations will play a pivotal role in our expansion in the region,” said Whitburn.

Access Data:

AccessData is the leading provider of E-Discovery, Computer Forensics and Cyber Security software for law firms, corporations and government agencies

Dell Digital Forensics

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