Download Music to an Ipod?

Because of the popularity of the iPod there are so many softwares that can be downloaded for free that allow you to download music to an ipod.

There are also so many websites offering not just software but audio and video for ipods. But of course the easiest way to download music to an iPod is still to use the iTunes that is bundled with the gadget.

You can either install the iTunes that come with your iPod or you can download a free version of the itunes software from their website. Using the iTunes, you can either purchase content from the iTunes store or you can import your music library from your CD collection to your iPod.

To transfer your music collection from CD to your iPod you just need to insert your CD to your optical media drive. The songs from the CD will then appear on the iTunes window.

Click on the import button after choosing all the songs you want to be imported from the CD. After the songs you have been chosen have been imported from the CD simply click on the eject button to eject the CD. You can sync your iPod to your iTunes and load songs from your CD collection to your iPod.

To purchase songs from the iTunes store, click on the iTunes store in the iTunes window. Search for the song or video you want to buy.

You can then click on the “buy” button if you are using 1-click shopping or you can click on add. You can then check your shopping cart to see if you have all the music and videos you want to purchase and then proceed with the check-out by clicking on “Buy Now”. Aside from music, you can also buy video, audiobooks and other content for your iPod.

After you have purchased content or transferred content from your CDs, you can download the audio or video into your ipod by syncing your ipod with the iTunes.

To sync your iPod, simply connect your iPod to your computer using the USB port. You can manually sync your iPod by selecting “Manually Manage Music”. You can also choose to automatically sync your iPod.

If you have a new iPod Touch but aren’t sure how to use it to take your music on the go, don’t worry. Once you have your music library stored on your PC, getting the music from your PC to your iPod is a quick and easy process, thanks to Apple’s user-friendly iTunes software.

How to upload songs to your ipod:

Step 1
Open iTunes. If you do not have iTunes, download it free from Apple’s website and follow the prompts to install and run it on your computer.

Step 2
If your music is not already imported into your iTunes library, select “add file” from the File menu to add one file at a time, or “add folder” to add an entire folder of music to iTunes.

Step 3
Use the USB cord to connect the iPod Touch to the computer and wait for iTunes to recognize the device. An icon and menu will appear in the left side of the window.

Step 4
Click on the iPod Touch’s icon, and then select the Music tab in the main iTunes window. In this menu, choose whether you want your music to automatically sync to your iPod Touch or if you will manually manage your music. Once you have made your selection, click “Apply” and wait for the program to acknowledge the selection.

Step 5
If you chose to manually manage your music, return to the main music library, and add the files you want to download to your iPod Touch by dragging them with your mouse and dropping the file on to the iPod Touch’s icon in the menu.