Fan’s Data Recovery Tools

ctoCTO of SalvationDATA, studied Computer Science in University of Electronic Science and Technology in China for four years before starting a career in hard disk repair and data recovery in 1998 for SalvationDATA.

He has certification with national data recovery engineer certification as well as being a member of the High Tech Crime Investigation Association in China. As a friend of Mr. Liang, he is also a Certified Protection Professional and a Certified Computer Examiner and an associate Professor at Sichuan University, and has been responsible for the creation and instruction of a Computer Forensics and Data Mining course at Sichuan University.  He is a member of the High Tech Crime Investigation Association in China as well as association of Certified Fraud Examiners, and many other professional associations.

Fan’s Data Recovery Tools:

hd-hpe-pro1. HD HPE PRO
Hard Drive repair Tool by SalvationDATA built to handle Head Stack and DSM issues. You can easily use this hard drive repair tool for disk platter exchange.

2. HD Doctor Suite
HD Doctor Suite is an integrated hardware-software combined system that fixes hdd firmware issues for drives of all major manufacturers and popular drive families. Including:

hd-doctor-suitHD Doctor for WD
HD Doctor for Seagate
HD Doctor for Maxtor
HD Doctor for Samsung
HD Doctor for Fujitsu & Toshiba
HD Doctor for IBM/Hitachi

3. SD Flash Doctor

SD-Flash-DoctorSalvationDATA Flash Doctor is a professional data reovery tool which enables you to recover data from damaged flash media. The hardware helps to access the flash chip contains user data despite of damaged controller or any other front ends (PCB, etc.) using non-standard interface and command, and then extract all the data as an image; the software works on this image and helps to rebuild the data which is doomed to be corrupted because of the “Data Mix” technology used by the manufacturers, Flash Data Recovery Doctor uses unique algorithm which removes the data mix with no need to know/use/emulate/analyze the controller.

4. Data Copy King

SalvationDATA new disk image tool with features of forensic data capture, data wiping, SATA/IDE and USB universal data copy, copy data from drives with a lot of bad sectors.

Data Copy King is the only hard drive duplicator with ‘UNIC’ disk imaging solutions which is able to copy data from good drives or drives with severe bad sectors or drives with unstable heads but still detected in the bios.

5. Data Compass

data-compassSalvationDATA’s Data Compass is the 2011 advanced leading data recovery equipment built to image and recover files from failed hard drives. Data recovery from physically damaged HDDs is what Data Compass designed for.

The disk probing equipment included in the Data Compass suite bypassing the disk-level problems such as multiple bad sectors, damaged surfaces, malfunctioning head assembly, or corrupted servo info, besides, you can use the default data recovery software or any other defined data recovery software you have been familiar with (R-studio, Winhex, any) to perform file recovery. Through the Data Compass, patient drives will become intact hard drives and ready for file recovery attempts..