Glossary of Samsung Hard Disk Drive (Letter O, P)

Samsung Hard Drive Glossary OEM
Original Equipment Manufacturer

Operating System
Software program that facilitates communication between the computer and its user

Outside Diameter
Largest radius track on a platter

a data error detection method, that ensures that the number of binary digits in a bit is always odd, so that accurate transmission of data can be checked by counting the number of bits for an odd parity

division of the area on the platter and allocating sections each of which becomes a logical device, so that the File Allocation Table (FAT) can deal with when in use

Parallel Port
PC peripherals are commonly connected to a PC via the parallel port

Printed Circuit Board, board that has the HDD chips attached to it

Peripheral Component Interconnect

components usually attached to a computer systems CPU by controllers and cables

Plated Media
platters whose surface is plated with metallic alloy , allowing the disc to store more data than on iron-oxide plated discs

the magnetic disc that is part of a disk drive, the part of the HDD on which the data is stored

Power on Hours

Plug and Play, the ability for users to plug in new devices into their existing system and immediately be able to use it, as a result of a group of leading hardware manufacturers (initiated by Microsoft), who have configured their hardware so that it automatically identified and configures peripheral devices

Partial-response maximum likelihood. Data is stored on hard drives as a tiny area of magnetism for each bit. As more and more data is squeezed on a disk, the magnetic areas become closer and closer and may affect one another. PMRL is a set of steps applied to data read from the disk. It removes probable errors and produces valid data from the tightly packed bits. PMRL allows an increase of up toe 30 % in the density of data on the disk