Hard Drives And Flash Data Recovery

Today’s high capacity hard disk drives store its drive parameter and service information in flash memory on the circuit board that is specific to that disk drive. This makes disk data recovery all the more complicated since you cannot just swap the board out.

Flash Data Recovery has taken on a whole new meaning with the higher capacity hard disk drives on the market. If you have a hard disk drive that has a blown circuit board doesn’t try to swap it out in hopes of doing your own data recovery because it won’t work.

The only option in these cases is to find a donor circuit board, harvest the required parts and install them in the bad circuit board. This is just another reason you have to be careful when choosing a data recovery professional. It is difficult to perform this task without destroying the circuit board.

The latest hard disk drive circuit boards are highly complicated and employ “Surface Mount Technology” to install the components. When one of these components needs to be replaced it requires a highly skilled re-work technician otherwise the circuit board can be destroyed making data file recovery impossible.

Buyer Beware!