Harddisk Diagnostic & Harddrive repair tool: HRT 3.0

What is HRT 3.0?

HDD Repair Tool (HRT) HDD Repair Tool (short for “HRT”) is designed for HDD repair and data recovery by BVG Group.

Harddisk Supported:

  • IBM families DPTA, DJNA, DTLA5, DTLA7, AVER and AVVA.
  • IBM/HITACHI families AVV2, HDS7-VLAT (AVV3).
  • FUJITSU families MPG AT and MPG AH.
  • FUJITSU 2,5′ families MHK2xxxAT, MHL2xxxAT, MHM2xxxAT, MHN2xxxAT, MHR2xxxAT, MHS2xxxAT.
  • WESTERN DIGITAL families AA, BA, AB, BB, EB, DA, JB, ΠΈ PB, on Marvell processor.
  • SAMSUNG families Voyager10, Voyager11, Voyager11+ ΠΈ Victor40.
  • SEAGATE families U4, U5, U6, U7, U8, V8, U10, UX, Barracuda 2,3,4,5,7,8,9.
  • MAXTOR families Fireball3 (Ares), 541DX (Athena), 540X-4K (Romulus), DiamondMax Plus8 (N40P), DiamondMax Plus9 (Calypso), DiamondMax Plus16 (Falcon).
  • QUANTUM families LA, LB, LC, LM, AS, LD.
  • HITACHI 2,5′ families DK23xx: AA, BA, CA, DA, EA, EB, FB.
  • TOSHIBA 2,5′ families MKxxxxGAP, MKxxxxGAS, MKxxxxGAX.

HRT Data Recovery Edition

HRT Data Recovery Edition tool has been designed for recovering data from damaged hard drives. Full functionality can be achieved by using special interface, but it is possible to use the application alone without full functionality.

Main features:

1. The utility enables data copying from bad HDD to both a destination disk and image file.
2. During coping section having bad sectors can be skipped.
3. The utility enables to copy only sectors chains concerning to files which you are interested in without accessing to other sections of bad HDD.
4. In case of unstable read HDD data copying by means of statistic method is possible.
5. Data copying is based on the map. In this map only sections having data which you are interested in are marked.
6. The utility enables to stop and to start data copying. It means you can start copying from the breakpoint.
7. By any attempt of data reading from bad HDD this data will be copied to the destination.
fterwards, this data will be taken from the destination only once.
8. It is possible to copy data on every head taken separately.
9. 32-bit mode is embedded in controller card. This mode speeds up copying twice as it was.
10. Bad HDD mounting is possible in the system.
11. The utility enables to take into account offset for data sectors because of translator destroying.
12. The utility supports file systems FAT16, FAT32, NTFS (DOS/Windows), EXT2FS, HFS, HFS+ (Apple MAC).
13. You can edit partition tables manually.
14. If case of damaged references it is possible to find directories.
15. The utility functions both in complex HRT and separately. In complex the utility has got more abilities.

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