How To Change Password On Maxtor OneTouch 4 Drive

The following provides you with the steps necessary for changing your password.

maxtor onetouch 4 1. Double-click the “Maxtor Manager” icon on your Windows Desktop. The Maxtor Manager will open.
2. Click “Security”. The Security window opens.
3. Click “DrivePass”. The Manage DrivePass window opens.
4. Click on the “Change Password” button. The DrivePass: Change Password window opens.
5. In the field provided, enter your existing Password.
6. Click on the “Next” button. The DrivePass: Set Password window opens.
7. In the first field provided, enter a Password.

Note: Passwords must be minimum of six characters in length and must contain at least one (1) numeric character; for example

  • abcdef – is not a valid password
  • abcde1 – is a valid password

8. In the second field provided re-enter the Password.
9. Optional (but recommended) & for Added Security

  • Select the Security Question field and select a Security Question (e.g., Where were you born?).
  • Enter the Answer to the Security Question
  • Re-enter the Answer to the Security Question

10. Click on the “Apply’ button. The password confirmation window opens reminding you to store your password in a safe place.

Note: Password cannot be recovered.
11. Click on the “Confirm” button. A window opens notifying you that the password has been changed.
12. Click on the “OK” button to return to the Security window.

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NOTE: Viewing of Video Tutorial Requires the following:

  • A Screen resolution of at least 800×600
  • Javascript Enabled in your Browser
  • Adobe (Macromedia) Flash Player be installed on your system