How to perform drive diagnostics on a Maxtor Shared Storage Drive?

To Run Diagnostics, Scan And Repair:

  1. Launch the Shared Storage Drive Web Interface.
  2. When prompted, type in the admin username and password to authenticate.
  3. From the Shared Storage Drive’s Home Page, click on Advanced Settings.
    drive diagnostics
  4. Click on System Maintenance

    drive diagnostics
  5. Click Diagnostics.
  6. A warning will appear notifying you that the Drive will be inaccessible to users while running.
    drive diagnostics
    Click Next.
  7. The scan and repair feature inspects and repairs your hard disk drive physical medium by re-mapping areas that can no longer be properly read. In most cases, data in these areas is unreadable and therefore irreparable. Data that can be properly read will be preserved. Click on Proceed to repair the areas as necessary during the scan process.
  8. Choose Proceed to begin diagnosis.
    drive diagnostics
  9. A status screen will appear showing the status of the scan.
    drive diagnostics
  10. If there are errors that are not repairable a screen will prompt you with a diagnostics code. Record this error code and contact please contact Seagate Support for further assistance, otherwise choose Done.
    drive diagnostics