Imation Launches DataGuard Backup Appliances

Imation Launches DataGuard Backup AppliancesDataGuard R4 and T5R appliances are suitable for many cloud-storage APIs, including individuals from Amazon . com S3, Dropbox and OpenStack-based cloud companies.

Scalable-storage and data-security company Imation Corp. (New york stock exchange: IMN) introduced purpose-built backup appliances designed to enable small , midsized companies (SMBs) to safeguard their information with multiple amounts of data protection from one backup infrastructure. The DataGuard Model R4 and Model T5R appliances use hard disk drives, detachable RDX disk tubes, replication and cloud storage to deliver data protection for budget-conscious companies. The appliances can be found through Imation’s network of funnel partners.

Using DataGuard R4 or T5R appliances, SMBs can replicate data to another DataGuard appliance at another site or to store off-site on RDX detachable disks. DataGuard appliances also integrate with existing backup and disaster recovery infrastructure, including most backup programs. Additionally, onsite copies are made to enable fast full reinstates to meet recovery-time objectives and off-site copies help ensure quick disaster recovery.

“Imation’s DataGuard appliances are the main thing on addressing the main concerns that SMBs have about safeguarding their data, by enabling customers to make the most of the backup infrastructure they presently have in position, Imation supplies a media-agnostic solution for customers to solve their backup challenges nowadays while serving as a bridge to safeguarding and storing their data within the cloud tomorrow.” stated Jerome Wendt, lead analyst and leader at storage analyst and talking to firm DCIG.

DataGuard R4 and T5R appliances are suitable for many cloud-storage APIs, including individuals from Amazon . com S3, Dropbox and OpenStack-based cloud companies. When a cloud backup is seeded by shuttling RDX tubes, DataGuard supports remote backup copies, and SMBs can automate protection since data backup to cloud storage is carried out with no human intervention once it’s initially set up.

“Cloud is extremely compelling, however the initial data to a cloud service encounters very real limitations – large levels of data and limited bandwidth, this initial transfer – known as cloud seeding – can take days over a web connection, with respect to the data footprint. Imation’s DataGuard appliances eliminate this problem, as clients can physically transport an RDX cartridge to a cloud provider for initial seeding, and integrated software handles periodic inspections to make sure the cloud backup is current.” stated Ian Williams, v . p . of worldwide marketing and product management at Imation.

“Many SMBs are intrigued by cloud computing and comprehend the cost and operational efficiencies that cloud storage can deliver, but struggle to incorporate cloud to their existing backup infrastructure,Imation’s DataGuard solution provides a gateway to the cloud, enabling SMBs to easily safeguard their valuable data.” stated Bill Schilling, director, scalable storage marketing, Imation.

The organization also lately released Imation LTO Tape Libraries as well as provides Imation InfiniVault multi-tiered data-archive appliances and Imation RDX detachable hard-disk storage.

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