iPod Cheats

iPod cheats are programs or codes that allow your iPod to become even more functional. Ipod cheats allow users to perform certain functions faster and there are also certain cheats that allow your iPod to be used for certain tasks previously not available on your ipod.

Some Ipod cheats serve as shortcuts while others allow users to tweak their gadgets. There are some iPod cheats that can be downloaded online that allows certain functions such as quick and easy, iPod to iPod content transfers.

There are so many free iPod cheats available online. You don’t even have to look too hard, a simple engine search can open up so many cheat codes for you and open up a totally new world of iPod usage. Cheats not only make your ipods more functional they also make your ipods more fun.


If you have been using your ipod primarily as a storage device and media player all these years, then it’s about time you use your ipod for an equally interesting function- as a gaming device.

Not all iPod users seriously consider their gadgets as gaming devices. But in recent years, Apple and other developers have been creating fantastic games for the iPod. There is an iPod cheat that actually opens up a fun game similar to breakout in your iPod.

Many iPod cheats are designed to just improve your performance in iPod games such as Vortex. There are also plenty of free iPod games you can download online and there are even more cheats that you can get from the internet for these games.

Just like cheats for regular video games, iPod cheats can add more lives to the character, add power-ups, and open previously locked levels & characters, and so much more. There are specific iPod cheats for specific iPod games and it’s easy to search for these cheats online.

There are websites that have earned good reputations among iPod users for publishing good iPod cheats. You can discover so much more ways to enjoy your iPod with iPod cheats. Ipod cheats give more life to your iPod and makes your ipod even more valuable.

Top 25 iPhone iPod Cheats

1 Driver (481 views)
2 Plants vs. Zombies (445 views)
3 Original Gangstaz (415 views)
4 My Virtual Girlfriend (394 views)
5 Doodle Jump (343 views)
6 NBA Jam (341 views)
7 The Sims 3 (318 views)
8 Fruit Ninja (299 views)
9 Eenies at War (232 views)
10 Call of Duty: World At War: Zombies (231 views)
11 Gangstar: Miami Vindication (226 views)
12 Tilt to Live (211 views)
13 DragonVale (204 views)
14 Racing Live (184 views)
15 Parallel Kingdom (184 views)
16 SimCity Deluxe (174 views)
17 Cube Runner (173 views)
18 Doodle God (167 views)
19 Pocket God (166 views)
20 Farm Story (165 views)
21 Angry Birds Star Wars (159 views)
22 City Story (152 views)
23 Zombie Farm (152 views)
24 Cut the Rope (148 views)
25 Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter (146 views)