Levels of Data Recovery Specialists

Data Recovery SpecialistsGenerally data recovery specialists can be divided into three different levels, according to their technical competence and the recovery methods they use.

1. First level’s data recovery specialists just can use the software which are developed by others. Such as the widely used data recovery software: FinalData、EasyRecovery and R-STUDIO; The system recovery software: DISKGEN (DISKMAN), etc. In fact, these are very good software. Even if a great skilled programmer is difficult to write the similar data recovery software or the better software than the above-mentioned software. However, sometimes these classical software can’t play a role with two reasons:

a). The situations of data loss are complicated and different. The software can’t be applied to every case;

b). These software don’t have thought. They use the fixed mode which is set by programmer to judge and deal with the fault. Sometimes the result may be biased or even wrong. Therefore these technicians who just can use the ready-made software have the limit capacity to deal with the data loss problem.

2. Second level’s data recovery specialists know the main file systems’ sector store rules. They can analyze data which stored on the sectors. Then fix some error system parameters by the malfunction reasons and the status of the storage medium. With the above-mentioned classical software, their problem solving skills will be greatly enhanced. When they analyze the sector’s data, they can give full play to their logical thinking skills, and then do the right operation.

3. Third level’s data recovery specialists can develop corresponding program according to their need to analyze the sectors’ data. Using these programs, the operator can quickly and accurately judge the reasons which caused the malfunction, and then find the best way to recover the data. With the above-mentioned classical software, their data recovery skill can attain the higher level. At the same times, these technicians can constantly improve these software’s function by their operation experience. Let these software can help others to detect and diagnose data loss reasons better.