Online Backup Services

Online Backup Services Where’s the best place to back up your data? Somewhere far, far away. These online backup services will keep your data safe no matter what sort of disaster strikes your local computers.

  • Mozy
    Offers automatic online hard drive back up. Backup a few files for free or more for a fee. Site features product info, news, and press.
  • FilesAnywhere
    Providing online backup file storage with a blend of advanced and easy-to-use features, file sharing, version control, and drive mapping.
  • MyOtherDrive
    Provides online backup, file sharing, and media entertainment.
  • Connected Corporation
    Provides online data protection and management services, and real-time recovery solutions. Product line includes enterprise, small business, and individual options.
  • VaultLogix Secure Online Backup Services
    Provides secure online backup services with monitoring equipment, security systems, redundant air conditioning and power systems, emergency generators, state-of-the-art fire detection and suppression systems, and multiple high-speed Internet connections.
  • CrashPlan
    Cross-platform and web-enabled backup software and service plan. Avoid monthly fees by storing encrypted backups on multiple computers.
    Online protection system that automatically backs up small businesses data to an off-site location and secures it through encryption. A service of SykDesk.
  • Global Data Vault
    Offers online data backup and recovery.
  • Amerivault
    Providing online backups, data recovery, electronic vaulting, information management, and disaster recovery services.
  • Backup Technology
    Specialises in secure automated offsite data backup for SMEs and enterprises.
  • i365
    Offers online backup and recovery solutions which allow users to automatically store critical data in secure, off-site vaults, and make that data available for quick recovery.
  • Ahsay Online Backup Limited
    Provides online backup services with backup software to backup users’ data automatically everyday.
  • Logicube, Inc.
    Manufacturers of hard disk drive duplication and diagnostic products.
  • BackupRight
    Online backup solution designed for personal and business use.
  • SecuriData Online Backup
    Online data backup for servers and network computers. SecuriData provides remote and secure online data backup for U.S. and U.K. businesses.
  • Data Rebound
    Secure online data backup services provider that offers a pay-per-restore fee structure. Provides customers complete disaster recovery services as well.
  • bigVAULT Storage Technologies, Inc.
    Providing private online file storage and offsite backup for individuals and businesses.
  • U.S. Data Trust
    Online data backup and recovery for PC servers that archives data in a secure off-site data center and makes it immediately available for recovery.
  • BackJack
    Automated, secure Macintosh data backup and recovery service via the Internet.
  • FilesX
    Provides next generation data protection and disaster recovery solutions for mission-critical applications and remote and branch offices.
  • SecureBackup
    Provides secure online backup services with U.S. government grade encryption.
  • BackUp Solutions, Inc.
    Offers online backup services for large and small size businesses. Features include remote backup, storage, retrieval, and IHeal recovery.
  • Capsure
    Offers online data backup, storage, and recovery service for small to medium sized businesses.
  • Backup2Net
    Free software for automated online and hard drive backup, storage, and restore solution.
  • Data Vault Corp.
    Provides online backups to recover files lost due to human error, viruses, hardware failure, or theft.
  • NetMass Incorporated
    Offers automated backup, disaster recovery, and offsite data storage.
  • SyncWeb Data Backup Service
    Providing automated offsite data storage and data backup services for servers and PCs.
  • DataFort
    Offers secure backup of critical files and data offsite.
  • Backup My Info [SPONSOR]
    Microsoft certified online data backup and recovery solution for PCs and servers.
  • BackupUSA, LLC.
    Offers online storage to protect your data files.
  • Iron Mountain Data Protection
    Provides IT solutions including an offsite data storage, disaster recovery plan management, and consultancy services.
  • DataHEALTH
    Offers online data backup services.
  • Intelliwire
    Intelliwire offers web hosting, offsite backup, online backup, computer backup, online data storage, and co-location rackspace.
  • Move My Data
    Public effort to ensure your online videos, photos, blogs, and connections on sites like Flickr, MySpace, and YouTube will remain in your possession.
  • RenovoData
    Provides online backup and disaster recovery solutions to protect businesses data.
  • SmartPick Backup
    Provides secure online data backup and disaster recovery services.
  • Backup 4 Less
    Offers easy to use online backup services with advanced encryption technology.
  • Offsite Backups
    Offsite Backups provides online and offsite data backup services and data storage services for the medical industry, financial data, and the oil and gas industry.
  • TY Systems, Inc.
    Offering WebackUup, a remote data backup service for businesses of any size.
    Provides off-site backup service to business and individual end-users through resellers.
  • StoreMyPC
    Online data backup and full disaster recovery services for PCs, notebooks, and servers.
  • CDI Vaults
    Document and data storage facility, offering confidential shredding, storage, micro filming, on-site data back-up, computer data support, and disaster recovery planning.
  • Secure Off-Site Data Safe
    Provides encrypted data storage for information protection.
  • Plan B Disaster Recovery
    Offers a fully managed disaster recovery service that is tested every day, and will give you back your working systems within 30 minutes, running on our virtual servers.
  • Memory Deposit, The
    Provides a range of disaster recovery services for individuals. The Memory Deposit offers virtual safety deposit boxes for electronic documents and an emergency contact system.
  • Backup2000
    Providing online backup of irreplaceable files and data.
  • Backup 24/7
    Offers reliable backup soltuions for businesses. Protecting valuable data through online backup.
  • Online Backup Service Comparison
    Compare online backup services and read reviews at
  • Level2 Storage
    Providing businesses with secure and customized online backup, remote backup, and offsite data protection services.
    Offering automatic backup and synchronization services for individuals and small businesses to solve their disaster recovery issues.
  • Xitec Technology Ltd (HK)
    Storage, backup, and paperless office systems.
  • DataLock Remote Data Services
    Fully automated, completely secure, off-site backup system. Designed and priced for small and medium sized businesses.
  • Akron Archives Online Backup Services
    Akron provides companies with online backup services. Get secure, offsite encrypted file protection of computer data.
  • 1stForData
    Pan-european company providing home office workers and small to medium sized businesses with data backup and storage protection.
  • DataSaver Online Backup Service
    Send copies of your critical data to our off-site data storage facility every night automatically.
  • LiveOffice Mail Archive
    On-demand email archiving solution designed for email storage management, legal discovery, and regulatory compliance.
  • BlueEye Technologies
    Detects, records, transmits, and stores bytes of changed data for each file.
  • Exacep Offsite Backup
    Secure offsite backup for medical professionals, financial accountants and small to medium sized businesses.
  • Vindico IT
    Using award winning backup software Vindico IT provide fast, effective, personalised backup and disaster recovery services. Free 30 day trial available, safeguard your data now. 2012-12-12

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