PC Backup Pro offers many advantages over NT Backup

PC Backup Pro For users that are using Windows NT, 2000, or 2003, Microsoft offers a built-in backup utility (ntbackup.exe). But the use of this utility is limited to only small pc networks as the programs allows for minimal data recoverability if a system should crash.

Limitations of NT Backup the backup program from Microsoft:

  • With the backup utility only mapped network drives can’t be backed up, meaning Network-wide data backup is missing as a possibility
  • Program doesn’t allow backup to be performed on removal media like CD-R (compact disc recordable), CD-RW (compact disc rewritable), or DVD-R (digital video disc recordable) device. This is because Windows file system does not support formatting on the above mention media. For this backup program these media types appear as in-compatible read-only device media.
  • Support for Heterogeneous backups is not included and it fails to backup the special database file systems used by SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes.
  • The utility will skip backup of files that are in use. So while performing complete backup all users must disconnect from the system.

It’s these limitations that compel Window’s users to use third-party software solutions instead.

Backing Up User Data with PC Backup Pro.

Unlike NT Backup, PC Backup Pro is a fast Backup and Restoration program solution that allows IT administrators to be able to use more types of tape systems, with more tape options and also to back up to disks. Plus it also performs a host of other advanced operation services. PC Backup Pro also allows authorized end users to create their own backup jobs and store them on a shared server. The administrator can later backup individual user backups from file servers to tapes or to some other offline media storage.

Key Benefits offered by PC Backup Pro include:

  • Supports variety of media.
    You can quickly perform backups on variety of media including hard disks, removal disks, USB drives, DVD and Blueray.
  • Built-in Compression.
    While the Microsoft standard backup utility lacks software compression, WinBackup has been designed keeping pc home computers or workstation users requirements in mind. The program performs software compression of all backup jobs before they are stored on a media thereby significantly reducing network traffic as well as server loads and storage requirement. The program can achieve efficiency up to 50% while compressing mixed data and up to 90% compression for text documents and emails.
  • On-the-fly Encryption for data security
    As backups often contain sensitive data in form of emailsor other documents, it is highly advisable to encrypt such backup jobs before being sent across the network. Users can easily encrypt their sensitive data by using either 128- or 256-bit AES encryption, making it virtually impossible for unauthorized users to access the data.