Primary/Secondary IDE Master

With a SATA DVD burner and 2 IDE drives, can I run primary/secondary masters? if so would it be more efficient than primary master/slave that I run now.

setup: SAmsung SATA burner, WD Cavier 120gb 7200rpm (OS) Seagate Barracuda 7200(storage) Abit NF-95 MB

I know that running a sata HD would be the best idea, but funds haven’t been made available for it yet.¬† And Yeah I know the NF-95 is anceint as well. I was just wondering if using both IDE ports would¬† speed up read write just a bit or not.

For the most part it won’t make a difference. The only time it would matter is if you are doing disk to disk copy. Reading a game file off a disk won’t have any differences same as saving a file. But IDE can only read/write to one drive at a time. So if you copy from one disk to another it will be faster if each drive was a master on a different channel.