RAID Array & Server Glossary of Computer Terms (Letter E)

Error Correcting Code, a method of generating redundant information which can be used to detect and correct errors in stored or transmitted data.

Embedded Storage Controller
An intelligent storage controller that mounts in a host computer’s housing and attaches directly to a host’s memory bus with no intervening I/O adapter or I/O bus.

External RAID Controller
A RAID controller in its own enclosure, rather than incorporated into a PC or server. External RAID controllers are often referred to as a Bridge RAID Controller. Mylex SANArray FL, FF, FFx, and Pro FF2 controllers are external RAID controllers. Compare with Internal RAID Controller.

Exclusive OR (XOR)
A process based on a mathematical algorithm that is used by RAID levels 2, 3, 4, and 5 to compare computer data (binary 0s and 1s) created by a write request or by a read request during a drive failure. The result of the XOR process is parity information that will be stored along with data for real-time recovery in the event of a disk failure.

External array controller
In contrast to bus-based array adapters and microprocessor-based array controllers, external array controllers reside in the external RAID storage enclosure. They connect to the host through a standard SCSI or serial (such as Fibre Channel) host adapter interface. These external controllers are similar to bus-based, microprocessor-based array controllers, in that they include an on-board microprocessor to offload all RAID functions (I/O commands and RAID operations) from the host CPU. They are usually used in midrange and high-end servers, especially in clustering environments.