RAID Array & Server Glossary of Computer Terms (Letter M)

Mirrored Cache
A cache memory that has duplicate data from another controller. In the event of failure of the original controller, the second controller can take the cached data and place it on the disk array.

Mirrored Hard Drive
Two hard drives the computer sees as one unit. Information is stored simultaneously on each drive. If one hard disk drive fails, the other contains all of the cached data and the system can continue operating.

The complete duplication of data on one disk drive to another disk drive, this duplication occurs simultaneously with each write operation: each disk will be the mirror image of the other (also known as RAID Level 1, see RAID Levels). All Mylex RAID controllers support mirroring.

Mean time between failure. Used to measure computer component average reliability/life expectancy. MTBF is not as well-suited for measuring the reliability of array storage systems as MTDL, MTTR or MTDA (see below) because it does not account for an array’s ability to recover from a drive failure. In addition, enhanced enclosure environments used with arrays to increase uptime can further limit the applicability of MTBF ratings for array solutions.

Mean time between data access (or availability). The average time before non-redundant components fail, causing data inaccessibility without loss or corruption.

Mean time to data loss. The average time before the failure of an array component causes data to be lost or corrupted.

Mean time to repair. The average time required to bring an array storage subsystem back to full fault tolerance.

Member (disk)
A disk that is in use as a member of a disk array.