RAID Array & Server Glossary of Computer Terms (Letter W)

Write-Back Cache
A caching strategy whereby write operations result in a completion signal being sent to the host operating system as soon as the cache (not the disk drive) receives the data to be written. The target disk drive will receive the data at a more appropriate time in order to increase controller performance. An optional cache battery backup can be used to protect against data loss as a result of a power failure or system crash.

Write-Through Cache
A caching strategy whereby data is written to the SCSI drive before a completion status is returned to the host operating system. This caching strategy is considered more secure, since a power failure will be less likely to cause loss of data. However, a write through cache results in a slightly lower performance.

Warm swap
The ability to remove and replace a disk drive while the power is on. All bus activity must be paused (usually done through a utility within the array management software) to maintain data integrity during removal or replacement. Typically used when hot swap is not supported by the server or storage enclosure drive tray.

Exclusive “Or”, a computer language function that generates parity in RAID systems; “this or that but not both