Recommended 2TB Internal Hard Drives

Recommended 2TB Internal Hard DrivesRequire more storage for the games, images, music and films? An 2TB internal hard drive upgrade or perhaps a second drive might be what you’re searching for. Internal hard disk drives are utilized as primary storage in desktop Computers, work stations, and servers. Nowadays, small form factor internal hard disk drives are utilized in consumer electronic items like audio players and digital camera models too. No matter the application, this post will present a comprehensive choice of internal hard disk drive items that you should select from, from hard disk producers like Western Digital, Seagate, HItachi, LaCie, Maxtor yet others.

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Western Digital 2TB Caviar Green 64MB Cache Desktop Hard Drive – WD20EARS
(Model: WD20EARS, Cache: 64MB, Price: $159.99, Price: $79.99)

Review: “I’m using 4 of these for personal storage, and I put about 8 of these in other people’s systems. I’ve yet to have a problem. I especially like them for external enclosure since they run cool and quiet.”

Samsung Spinpoint F4EG 2TB 5400rpm 32MB Hard Drive – HD204UI/Z4
(Model: HD204UI, Cache: 32MB, Price: $114.16, Price: $79.99)

Review: “These drives are simply the best you can ask for at this price and size. 2TB formats to 1.81TB in NTFS. HDTune reports average read of 107.3MB/s and average write of 104.3MB/s. Nothing more you could ask for when using these in a file server over gigabit connection. They run at around 25c Idle and 29c when being used (ambient ~23c). Inexpensive (53.9GB/$ – bought at $75 each).”

Hitachi Deskstar 2TB CoolSpin RPM 32MB Cache Internal Hard Drive – 0F12117
(Model: 0F12117, Cache: 32MB, Price: $144.40, Price: $79.99)

Review: “I have this drive and a 1.5TB Samsung 5400rpm drive installed in the same older system that only supports SATA2. I haven’t done any tuning on the drives, just factory settings and Windows 7 x64 defaults. According to HD Tune 2.55 the 5K3000 has an average transfer rate of 101MB/s while the Samsung averages 80.8MB/s. The burst rate is 161.6MB/s vs 148.5MB/s.”

Hitachi Deskstar 2TB 7200RPM 32MB Internal Hard Drive – 0F10311
(Model: 0F10311, Cache: 32MB, Price: $213.80, Price: $95.00)

Review: “I purchased 10 retail boxed versions of these HDs back in November 2009; configured in a RAID6 array for 16TB of storage. I added 3 more of the bare drive versions (being reviewed) 13 months later (December 2010). I haven’t had ONE drive go bad after 24/7 operation for 18 months! Performance: 300+MB/s (that’s megaBYTEs) sustained file transfers from one partition to another on the same RADI6 array…”

How to choose a 2TB Internal Hard Drive?

When choosing a hard disk, you will find two primary points to consider: speed and capacity. Budget enabling, always choose the quickest drive you are able to. Speed is measured while using Revoltions per minute figure a quicker spinning speed means greater performance, particularly in games, but could cause greater warmth and noise. The capability, measured in GB (gb), should rely on your personal storage needs. A greater capacity drive will almost always cost greater than a lower capacity drive, so an account balance must usually be struck between capacity and price. Additionally, the hard disk interface IDE, SATA, or SCSI determine a drives application: IDE and SATA for private storage and SCSI for enterprise, mission critical storage.