Seagate File Recovery Software

Data recovery can be a daunting process, especially when you’re just trying to recover a few files you accidentally deleted or that a virus corrupted. Try seagate risk-free trial from the comfort of your own home. You can find out whether or not the software works at a much lower cost than traditional data recovery service, without having to ship away your device.

Of course, not all data loss issues are as simple as a single file going missing. Perhaps your file system got corrupted or you even reformatted your entire drive, forgetting you had necessary data stored there. No worries. From a single file to whole partitions deletion and even wiped drives.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I use my hard disk drive on both PC & Mac, which version of the software should I purchase?

A: You will get the best recovery results by using the software version that is compatible with the Operating System that the drive was originally setup on. (examples: NTFS – PC, HFS / HFS+ – Mac, and if the drive has any type of FAT format you will want to try the software version for the OS the drive was mostly use on)

Q: I purchased the software but still have not received the registration key?

A: Your confirmation email will contain the registration key, which will be located at the bottom named serial number.

Q: I’m getting an error message that states that registration key is invalid?

A: You will need to copy and paste the serial number in the registration key field, character to character with no additional spaces.

Q: (PC) I’m unable to launch the software from using the shortcut on my desktop?

A: Hyperlink to knowledge base article with providing work around instructions.

Q: (Mac) I’m unable to launch the DIY software from the icon on my docking station, the icon just bounces or from the application menu?

A: Hyperlink to knowledge base article with providing work around instructions.

Q: I recently downloaded the software from, but my previously purchased registration key does not work?

A: Email support for assistance.

Q: I recently reinstalled my operation system and/or purchased a new computer and need to the software sent to me again?

A: Email support for assistance.

Q: Does the software get automatic updates?

A: At this time the software does not receive updates. Please remember to keep a copy of your software .exe and registration key in a second location.


Seagate file recovery software will tell you whether your files are recoverable before you have to buy. You can try no-commitment trial. Now that you know the program can find your files, you can simply enter your purchasing information to complete the purchase.