Storage Server Data Disasters – Common Scenarios (Part I)

When a data loss occurs on something as valuable as a server, it is essential to the life of your business to get back up and running as soon as possible.

Here is a sampling of specific types of disasters accompanied with actual engineering notes from recent Remote Data Recovery jobs:

Causes of partition/volume/file system corruption disasters:
•    Corrupted file system due to system crash
•    File system damaged to automatic volume repair utilities
•    File system corruption due partition/volume resizing utilities
•    Corrupt volume management settings

Case study
Severe damage to partition/volume information to Windows 2000 workstation; had used 3rd party recovery software – didn’t work, reinstalled OS but was looking for 2nd partition/volume, found it and it was a 100% recovery.
Evaluation time: 46 minutes (evaluation time represents the time it takes to evaluate the problem, make necessary file system changes to access data, and to report on all of the directories and files that can be recovered)

Causes of specific file error disasters:
•    Corrupted business system database; file system is fine
•    Corrupted message database; file system is fine
•    Corrupted user files

Case study
Windows 2000 server, volume repair tool damaged file system; target directories unavailable. Complete access to original files critical. Remote data recovery safely repaired volume; restored original data, 100% recovery.
Evaluation time: 20 minutes

Exchange 2000 server, severely corrupted information store; corruption cause unknown. Scanned information store file for valid user mailboxes, results took up to 48 hours due to the corruption. Backup was one month old/not valid for users.
Evaluation time: 96 hours (1.5 days)