Super Talent Reveals Storage POD Mini USB 3.0 SSD

Can there be ever a period when a brand new SSD is not exciting? Doubtful. As the field of solid condition expensive is constantly on the whirl, Super Talent is presenting another option in to the mix, the ultra-portable Storage POD Small. It is a portable USB 3. SSD covered with a blue anodized, all-aluminum enclosure allows this drive to become both lightweight and rugged yet measure only 110 x 68 x 10 mm. Its top speed reaches over 260MB/s, but where this design really stands out is incorporated in the real life performance. Its on-board processor has the capacity to significantly accelerate real life performance by blending your computer data, in tangible-time, because it creates and decompressing data because it reads. Your computer data now uses less space and transfers more effectively than ever before. Copying the body now takes a small fraction of time it might undertake rotating media.

Fully backward compatible to USB 2., the Storage POD Small can also be full of many additional features. This drive includes a One-Touch Backup button that launches a backup routine that may support numerous machines. Just push the backup button and it’ll start to support all of your pre-determined data areas at creates speeds as high as 174MB/s. And also the Storage POD Small also offers a Read/Write change to safeguard your computer data from unintended creates, much like an Sdcard.

Obtainable in 60GB, 120GB and 240GB capabilities, the Storage POD Small has become shipping, there is however no public reference to cost.