the Fastest Solid State Disks (SSDs)

images3You’ll often see news stories that say such and such a manufacturer has launched the “. But how can they all be true?

Sad to relate – but often they are not. Other storage publications – which only have a superficial grasp of this market – publish many claims which are completely wrong because they aren’t aware of the hundreds of other SSD products already available in the market.

Another problem is that many magazine and vendor published SSD benchmarks are unreliable due to halo effects.

If SSD speed is your thing – you’ve come to the right place. However, speed isn’t everything and it comes at a price. But if you need the speediest SSD then wading through the web sites of over 100 current SSD oems to find a suitable candidate slows you down. And the SSD search problem will get worse. I’ve done the research for you to save you time. And this page is updated daily from storage news and direct inputs from oems.

Speed isn’t everything – but it is important. According to the world’s first SSD Buyer Preference Survey – in answer to the question “Why Do People Use Solid State Disks?” – the #1 reason given was – “Application speedup” – cited by 76% SSD buyers.