Tips for Learning Data Recovery Technology

Tips for Learning Data Recovery TechnologyData Recovery, as the new field of IT industry has been gradually accepted by computer users. Computer began to be popular in our work and study. More and more people store the information on the computer. As the storage equipment’s production process and other factors, any kind of data storage media have the risk of data losing.

When encounters the data losing, the users’ storage data can’t be reconstructed. However the user needs the data urgently and don’t have enough time to rebuild it. Now using the data recovery technology to get the data back can greatly reduce the loss. This is why data recovery has large market.

Because the data recovery business had been developed in past few years, data recovery technicians are relatively lacking. There is a lot of data recovery software can be download by data recovery fans, so more emphasis on software use. The software is the combination of regular algorithms. However, the data loss reasons are different. Therefore, there is no one kind of data recovery software can recover the data loss in all the cases.

As the data recovery business’ rise, more and more organizations and individuals have taken part in data recovery training business. The result is the data recovery training levels are too different.

So what about the data recovery knowledge we should to learn? As we mentioned the data loss reasons are vastly different, the data recovery cases are too much to learn. So what we should to learn at the beginning?

We can’t visit a file just because some information is lost. If we know the data store principle and which information lost will cause the file lost, we can recover the file. In fact, data recovery software are also recover the data by using the data store principle (file system principle). However, the data recovery software just can deal with the relatively simple types of malfunctions.

Therefore, to study the data recovery technology, Microsoft’s file system (FAT16, FAT32, NTFS) must be very fluent. Just learn some common data recovery cases can’t master the data recovery technology. When learn the senior, you will find you don’t know how to do.