Top 10 Online Storage Services

imageWith online storage services, you won’t have to worry about constantly using up all the free space on your hard drive anymore. These services take this struggle online and allow you to store your data securely and get more storage space if you need it.

Top 10 Online Storage Services:

OpenDrive offers three different plans (Home, Office and Pro), each based on a monthly fee. The Home plan gives you 100GB storage, 1GB max file size, 25GB per day of bandwidth, and access for 5 computers and 5 users. For 500GB storage, 2GB max file size, file versioning and access for 50 computers and users, upgrade to the Office plan.

Sugarsyn offers 30, 60, 100 and 250 GB plans supporting 3,000 to 25,000 documents, 6,000 to 40,000 photos and 6,000 to 30,000 songs. A 500 GB plan is available for users who need more storage. You have the option to pay monthly or yearly fees for these plans.

Mozy offers 2GB of storage space to anybody free of charge. This is a great option for most people because they are only looking to store a few files, pictures or documents so they can be accessed from anywhere. Unless you need a lot more than 2GB, this service is a great way to store your files for free.

If you need more than that, Mozy only charges $4.95 per month for unlimited storage space. Obviously that’s a nice deal because you don’t have to worry about going over your allotted space. Another great thing about this plan is that you don’t have to pick and choose between backing up files or having critical files available for download anywhere. You have enough space to backup everything on your computer as well as keep all the documents you need at your disposal wherever you go. offers for different plans. The Lite plan gives you 1 GB of web storage space with a 25 MB size limit at no cost to you. For $9.95 per month, you can get 10 GB of web storage space with a 1 GB file size limit on the Individual plan. Businesses can take advantage of the Business plan, which allows them to give each employee 15 GB of web storage space with a 2 GB file size limit for $15 per user per month. If you want an even bigger plan than that, you can remove web storage space limitations and be able to upload files that are at least 2 GB. You have to call so they can make sure your plan is going to fit your needs.

The free account offers 50GB storage, which is just fine for the average person that just needs some personal storage. But if you need to store large or private files, the basic free account isn’t going to be enough. That’s where the other pricing plans come in.

Here’s the breakdown: 50GB storage for free if you don’t care about security or extra features, 50GB for $6.95/month if you’d like the extra features and security.

All accounts have automatic backups, web access and sharing capabilities. The cheapest, at $4.95/month will probably be good enough for most users. It covers one computer, maintains a version history for the last 30 days and has a maximum upload limit of 1GB per file. Next, you can get coverage for 4 computers, unlimited version history and a 2GB per file upload limit for $9.95/month.

FlipDrive doesn’t offer a free account; however, you can set up a trial account that gives you 20 GB of storage for 30 days. This is a good way to try the service before you buy it. FlipDrive’s accounts start at $4.95 a month for 20 GB. The largest account is 100GB for $19.90 a month.

This storage service is very well priced at only $54.95 per year, which averages out to less than five dollars per month for unlimited storage. If you opt for the three year plan it averages to only about $3.60 per month, which is a great deal and can save you tons of stress should your hard drive crash.

The biggest reason why Storegate didn’t rank higher is the pricing plan. Frankly, Storegate offers very little storage space at a considerably higher price when compared to higher ranked services.

Obviously this doesn’t sound like a good deal when there are services in this review offering lower prices. Until Storegate starts offering a better space/price ratio, it will never be able to compete with the high-ranking services in this review.

The iStorage plans start at $5.99 a month for 1 GB of space; the largest plan is $49.99 a month for 15 GB of storage. Though this is a good service, it is more expensive than some of the other online storage services in this review.

Tips: There are many online storage services on the Internet so it’s wise to evaluate your storage needs and the quality of the service before creating an account. Some services offer a free membership so you are able to test drive the service before purchasing an account.