Wanted:Western Digital Harddrive PCB

Questions from readers:

1. Is this board the same since the actual number is 2060-701477-800 ? Would the last three digits make any difference?

I have been a computer tech since 1959 and have changed many chips but none of this caliber. I know there is special methods for removal and replacement and I don’t have that type of equipment.

2. Hi.  I’m in need of a WD hd PCB, board # 2060-701335-003 REV A.  I see you
have the board, but no revision listed, A or B.  Will this PCB work?  Thank you

3. I need a 2061-701622-800 02P PCB for a WD1001FALS hard drive. As I see you don’t have such in stock now. Is there any possibility that you will ever have it in stock? Or can you order it from your supplier or something like that?

4. I’m looking for the circuit board for a Western Digital external. The info is as follows: WD3200B MVV – 11A 1PSO Drive parameters: LBA 625142448. The number is 2060-701650-000-REV P1

5. I`m looking for a PCB for my Western Digital Harddrive:
*  WD5000AAJS
*  WD Cavier SE
*  MDL: WD5000AAJS-00YFA
*   Date:11OCT2007
*   LBA 976773168
*   WWN:50014EE2AB483375
*   S/N: WCAS81632508
*   Label: 2061-701477-100AC  XC4U090BYWE0003130 8133
*   On board: 2060-701477-002 REV A
Whow much would it cost with shipping to Germany?


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