Why Difficult to Find Professional Data Recovery Training School

Why Difficult to Find Professional Data Recovery Training SchoolThere is a direct correlation between the technology and economic interest. An ordinary PC’s hard disk stored the important day. If the hard disk is physically damage, the charge for a single hard disk drive is from $350-$1,000. There is a company who had the damaged hard disk. Their data is not classified. They sent the HDD to their location data recovery company who can’t extract the data. Then they delivered the HDD to another small company in Florida. After 1 month, they still not got back the data. Last, they find a professional data recovery company. They got the data back after 24 days. Be Charged $570. Another company has a damaged server. They asked the data recovery company to repair it. The price was $3,000. They can’t repair it at that time. They needed to bring it to their company. The price became $12,000.

How about the tracking charge? It is from $300-$750. This price is just to recover data from a physical damaged HDD. So please think is there anyone want to teach this technology to you.
It is common they don’t want to you know this technique.

Why many people do not willing to do the HDD repair business now? Repair HDD is much cheaper than data recovery. If you just repair HDD, perhaps you can’t afford the rent. Do data recovery business, maybe you can’t get an order per year. In some small towns, you should also repair other things to make a living. In some large city, it is possible to do data recovery business professional. However, the rent is also high. In some hot spot, a 40 square meter place should cost you $60,000-70,000. Maybe it will be higher. Not everyone can afford it. Furthermore, you should earn it little by little. Can you make up your mind to do this business? Not all of you, right?

So, how can you get into this field?
First, you can do this business from small. You should ensure the successful rate. Do not receive the case which you don’t have assurance to extract the data (Only if your customer told you it didn’t matter. You can do it and get experience). When you have a little repute, your business will become better and better. Then you can develop your company as a professional company. When you are more repute, you will get more cases. This time, you should employ staff to help you. Maybe you also afraid your technique be learnt by others now.