Why flash drive is prone to much more damages?

Flash DrivesFlash drives have just changed the lives of students, teachers, businessmen, engineers and other working people for their IT jobs. A flash drive comes up with a lot of features including its light weight, small size, portability, reliability, trustworthiness and large storage ability comparable to the existing removable devices. This is a great external storage device – now you can save even a movie or bulk of files in it which was not possible before in punch cards or later in floppy diskette due to their insufficient space of storage.

There are a number of factors which cause for its failure and they don’t allow flash to read and write any data file.

Flash drive is small in size so there are many chances of being misplaced and smashed up going under any heavy gadget.
Flash drives are an easy source of spreading viruses from one PC to the other.
Flash drive can easily be stolen due to its small size.
Extreme temperature may become the cause for destroying its internal circuitry.
Water droplets can also damage flash drive’s functionality.
Data residing in the flash drive can be lost due to its inappropriate removal from computer.
If a flash drive is attached with computer and power fails at the same time then there might be a chance of data loss residing in the flash drive.
Flash contains so many benefits along with number of drawbacks but still it is useful. It is adopted by large number of users.