Cheapest Data Recovery Service

Cheapest Data Recovery ServiceWhen the computer is not operational it can cause a lot of direct and indirect problems. You can not work, browse the web, send emails, etc. Fortunately computer hardware is available in many online stores, you order it and the next day you will have it. Anything can fail and everything is replaceable except the data. If the hard drive fails you will also lose all the files. Many users never think of this possibility and therefore they do nothing to prevent data loss. Failed hard drives are then sent to some data recovery company to rescue valuable files. But data recovery service is expensive. Is there any cheaper alternative?

Data Backup Instead of Data Recovery
Of course, data recovery can be cheap if you understand basic principles of computers. The fact is that every computer component can fail, including the hard drive. This is the disk where the operating system is located and where you also store your files. Everything you use, create or share is stored there. Therefore it makes sense to create a copy of this data. And not just one copy-you should periodically back up the disk drive. This can be done in two different ways and both are needed to have peace of mind. If the hard drive data will be properly backed up, no computer malfunction will cause you headache, only a minor annoyance.

Disk or Partition Image
The first type of backup is the disk or partition image. This is a complete copy of all the data on the disk. The image is usually one file that contains the operating system and all your files. This image can be used to recreate the original disk in the case of failure. You simply install a new drive and restore the latest disk image. This method has disadvantage of being time consuming. But because it is mandatory to have a method to quickly restore the disk you should make one at least every few months. There many free disk imaging tools on the web. Simply choose one that fits your operating system and needs.

Regular Backup of Important Files
The second type is the real backup of your recent data. You should periodically (weekly or even daily) create a backup of all important files. The cheapest way to create backups is to use existing CD or DVD drive and free backup/restore software. And the easiest way is to create incremental backups. The first backup contains all files–the next backups only save new or modified files. This significantly speeds ups the backup process and saves a lot of time. You can create backups to CD/DVD, external hard drive, remote computer or any other suitable media. You can also few times a year create a complete archive of all your projects. This will further simplify data recovery process and you will also have a history overview of your work.

Your Own Cheapest Data Recovery Service
Having both disk images and recent backups is a guarantee for quick and painless data recovery process. If the hard drive fails you get a new one. When the computer hardware is working again you restore the last disk image and then you restore the missing or changed files from the latest backup. This is the cheapest data recovery service you could imagine. Anybody who uses computers should also take care for the data. Backups should become routine as it is sending emails or reading news. To prevent searching for a cheap data recovery service you better prevent data loss. With free backup software it is easy, cheap and fun.

Free Data Recovery Services:

  • Analysis is Free for Single Hard Drives
    Find out for FREE what can be recovered from your hard drive with FREE Data Recovery Analysis.
  • “No Data, No Charge”
    You only pay for recovery once you are 100% happy we have recovered the data you need.

It is important for customers to have a feel of data recovery pricing before they send their disks to recovery companies. Pricing comes down to Drive Size, Media Type (Hard Drive, RAID, SSD), and Issue with the Drive:

  1. Types of disk (interface, model and size)
  2. Failure modes
  3. Types of operating system
  4. User attempts before sending
  5. Any special user ‘s requirements

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