Choosing a Data Recovery Company, You should do

data recoveryFirst, you should consider what kind of service you are going to need from a data recovery company.

1) Local Company: you can physically take the hardware to them.

2) A company that can recover your data using remote sources.

Also you should determine how much money you are willing to spend to recover your data. Recovery rates will vary depending on whether you need remote, in-lab or on-site recovery services.

Second, use an internet “Search Engine” to find websites for data recovery companies. Search specifically for local companies if you are going to need in-lab or on-site service.

Third, visit the websites of potential data recovery companies. Make note of each company’s available services, pricing system and testimonials or references. Feel free to eliminate any companies that don’t offer the services you are looking for or whose prices are not close to what you are willing to spend. Many websites will list testimonials, but the testimonials are more dependable if they are from a recognizable company. Any company that lists a Fortune 500 company as a client should top your list of candidates. Check the “Privacy Policy” of any company you are considering. Many companies have specific privacy policies and some will follow your specific instructions on handling your recovered data.

Fourth, call the data recovery companies that you feel offer the service you need at a price you can afford. Eliminate companies that cannot be reached over the phone. You will want a company you know you can contact when necessary.

Fifth, verify with each company the service provided, whether remote, in-lab or on-site, and pricing structure that you are looking for. Answers that differ from what is stated on the company’s website should be looked into further. Consistency in policy is something you should look for in a trustworthy data recovery company.

Sixth, ask the phone representative for each company about their success rate. Any company which claims a 100% success rate is either not being honest with you or has not been in business very long. Also, ask about any service guarantees and whether or not the rates are determined by the amount of data recovered. Finally, ask about the equipment they will use in the data recovery process. The equipment of companies to be considered for in-lab services will use a class 100 clean room and nondestructive methods.

Last, consider your findings with each company and decide which company is trustworthy to recover your lost data.