Data Backup Glossary (Letter F)

After a failback event, the restoration of a failed system component’s share of a load to a replacement component. When a failed controller in a redundant configuration is replaced, the devices that were originally controlled by the failed controller are usually failed back to the replacement controller to restore the I/O balance, and to restore failure tolerance. Similarly, when a defective fan or power supply is replaced, its load, previously borne by a redundant component, can be failed back to the replacement part.

The automatic substitution of a functionally equivalent system component for a failed one. Failover most often involves intelligent controllers connected to the same storage devices and host computers. If one of the controllers fails, failover occurs, and the survivor takes over its I/O load.

Fibre Channel ATA
Fibre Channel ATA (FATA) is a hybrid hard drive first introduced by HP in 2004 that combines both Fibre Channel and ATA technologies. FATA drives use an ATA drive mechanism, offering the same performance and capacity as a standard ATA drive, but also feature a Fibre Channel connector, which enables the FATA drive to be used where conventional Fibre Channel drives are currently connected.

File server
A computer with the primary purpose of serving files to clients. A file server may be a general purpose computer that is capable of hosting additional applications or a special purpose computer capable only of serving files.

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