Data Storage: Optical Storage Devices

  • Optical Storage Devices Pinnacle Micro
    Optical storage solutions for general data storage and emerging applications.
  • InPhase Technologies
    Developing holographic data storage technology.
  • QPS, Inc.
    Makers of CD-R, CD-RW and DVD storage products.
  • MaxOptix
    Provider of optical drives, media, and jukeboxes.
  • Octave Systems, Inc.
    Offers CD and DVD recorders and rewritables, recording software, media, and accessories.
  • Summation Technology
    Offers a variey of CD and DVD duplicators, printers, media, and packaging.
  • Verity Systems
    Manufactures CD-R and DVD-R duplicators, printers, packaging equipment, and degaussers (bulk tape erasers).
  • Cutting Edge
    Provides high performance RAID solutions, Jukebox, magnetic optical storage, and other network attached storage systems.
  • CenDyne, Inc.
    Marketer of computer peripheral products to the computer and consumer electronics market.
  • PrimeArray Systems, Inc.
    Makers of CD-ROM towers and mastering solutions.
  • U.S. Design Corporation
    Optical Storage for DEC, IBM, SunOS, Solaris, HP, and Windows/NT.
  • Young Minds Inc.
    Develops mission-critical CD-R and DVD-R storage solutions including hardware and software solutions.
  • 1st-CD Burners-Duplicators and CDR
    Offering firewire devices for Mac and PC, CD burners, duplicators, and printers.
  • Optical Laser
    Distributor of document imaging and mass storage products.
  • Sunland International (SLI)
    Offers optical data storage DVD-RAM and UDO libraries, replacement drives, and compliant recordable media.
  • Optical Jukebox
    Distributes Asaca Fibre Channel DVD-RAM and DVD-R libraries for Optical RAID, NAS, and SAN.
  • Kubik
    Manufactures CD-ROM and DVD auto-changer storage units.
  • STEAG HamaTech
    Supplier of manufacturing equipment for the optical disc and photomask industries.
    Provides information about optical storage technologies including CD, DVD, and Magneto-Optical jukeboxes. A division of Digital Storage Solutions.
  • e-tronicDepot
    Sells DVD/CD duplicators, writers, recorders, players, printers, and media as well as PC peripherals and parts.
  • ProDisk Inc.
    Offers optical disk products and service.
  • T.S. Solutions
    Offers automated or manual CD-R duplication equipment, automated floppy duplicators and CD-R printers.
  • Gotdrives
    Offers a variety of optical drives from such makers as HP, Sony, Maxoptix, and Panasonic.

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