RAID Systems Manufacturers

  • Promise Technology, Inc.
    Designs and manufactures storage solutions using ATA/Serial ATA technology for fast, reliable data protection.
  • 3ware, Inc.
    Provides high-performance, scalable RAID storage solutions based on 3ware’s switched architecture.
  • Ciprico, Inc.
    Designs, manufactures, markets, and services RAID disk arrays for high-performance imaging and digital media applications worldwide.
  • RAIDmax
    High performance RAID Systems by Netsource.
  • Arco Computer Products, Inc.
    Developing IDE disk mirroring solutions.
  • Storage Computer
    Provider of high-performance storage and data delivery systems.
  • Medéa Corporation
    Manufacturer of the VideoRaid family of disk arrays.
  • nStor
    Developer of storage-network based products and services.
  • Advanced Computer & Network Corporation
    Designs, manufactures, and markets data storage RAID systems.
  • Eurologic Systems Ltd
    RAID and storage arrays for the open systems market (HPUX,AIX,Digital UNIX, SunOS, Solaris, OpenVMS, NT, IRIX, Novell, etc.)
  • Open Storage Solutions
  • RAID, Inc.
    Manufacturer of high performance RAID arrays backed by 24-hour service and support.
  • Bering Technology, Inc.
    Manufactures disk and tape storage solutions for HP computers.
  • Storage Engine
    Supplies products that store, protect, and manage data in complex networks.
  • Integrated Archive Systems, Inc.
    Provider of high availability and enterprise storage management solutions for UNIX and NT environments.
  • Inline Corporation
  • Zzyzx Peripherals
    Specializes in disk, tape backup, and network storage for Unix, Linux, Windows, and Netware environments.
    High performance Arena RAID systems using inexpensive IDE and SCSI drives. Works with all operating systems. Division of Electronix Corporation.
  • Adjile Systems
    Manufacturing SCSI enclosures and RAID solutions. We can supply bare enclosure or fully integrated RAID Systems.
  • MaxTronic International Co., Ltd
    Manufactures and distributes high-performance RAID solutions.
  • Caen Engineering
    Manufacturer of custom design housing for SCSI hard disks, RAID enclosures, controllers and mass data storage devices specifically for the reseller and OEM.
  • Synetic Inc.
    Provides RAID products and solutions for businesses and systems professionals.
  • Fibrenetix Storage Ltd
    Develops, manufactures, and supports the Zero-D range of high performance RAID products.
  • DataStor
    Offers external RAID and mass storage enclosure cabinets to house SCSI peripherals.
  • RAIDking Technologies
    Offers modular, scalable, fault-tolerant RAID-based storage products.
  • Storage Apps
    Provider of enterprise storage infrastructure products.
  • Dynamic Network Factory, Inc.
    Provider of network-attached storage and RAID systems.
  • Conley
    High performance RAID storage management solutions for UNIX, NT and Macintosh platforms. Products include RAID subsystems and RAID related software.
  • MacRAID
    Offers the latest in data storage solutions for Mac Users. By RAIDking Technologies.
  • Media Integration, Inc.
    Specializing in custom integration and support for SCSI and fibre channel RAID systems, DLT autoloaders and libraries, and servers.
  • Storagepath
    Specializing in high performance backplane enclosure systems for SCSI and RAID systems.
  • Kersey Tech, Inc
    Hot swappable and N+1 redundant power source for raid enclosures, and other RAID related products.
  • IFT Europe Ltd.
    Manufactures RAID mass storage subsystems.
  • Accusys
    Manufacturer of high performance RAID controllers based on IDE/UltraDMA, SCSI, and Fibre channel technologies.
  • Accordance Systems
    offers IDE-IDE Raid products.

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