Data Storage: Tape Drives

  • Tape Drives Quantum Corporation
    Supplier of half-inch cartridge tape drives and developer of tape backup and archiving technologies.
  • Exabyte Corporation
    Data storage devices including 8mm and Mammoth technology tape drives, automated tape libraries, and media.
  • Spectra Logic Corporation
    Offers high-capacity, automated, robotic tape libraries for data safety and recovery at large data centers.
  • OnStream, Inc.
    Manufacturer of affordable, high-capacity removable storage solutions for PC servers, workstations, and power desktops.
  • Breece Hill Technologies, Inc.
    Supplier of automated tape libraries used in backing up, securing and archiving information.
  • Ecrix Corporation
    Offering VXA data storage tape drives and VXAtape media.
  • Data Devices International
    Tape certifiers, inspectors, 3480 / 3490 tape equipment. Supplies, degaussers. Export shipments. Formats serviced 4mm, 8mm, 1/4, QIC.
  • ATL Products, Inc.
    Supplier of midrange DLT automated tape library systems for the network server, midrange and mainframe computer markets.
  • Tapedisk
    We make tapes work like disks.
    Specializing in sales, service, and repair of mass data storage systems.
  • Pinetree Peripherals Inc.
    Repairs and sells STK and other IBM compatible tape drives.
  • Peripheral Laboratories
    Sales, services, and repairs for DLTs, 4mm DAT drives, autoloaders, libraries, and 8mm tape drives.
  • Advanced SDLT Tape Storage
    Distributes Quantum Super DLT 220, DLT1, DLT 8000 drives, media, autoloaders, and more.
  • MP Tapes
    Makes IBM-compatible (3480/90E) half-inch cartridge tape drives, including rackmount and desktop form factors.
  • InStock, Inc.
    Offers a range of tape storage solutions and data storage systems like tape drives, autoloaders, tape libraries, and more.
  • ElectroValue
    Offers 9 track and 3480/3490 tape drive packages for the pc.
  • SourceTek Systems Inc.
    Offers tape solutions, disk solutions, and system enhancement products.
  • TCG, Inc.
    Buys and sells new and used Memorex Telex and Sutmyn equipment, and open system disk arrays.
  • Super Technologies
    Specializing in tape backup sales, and offering other storage products.
  • Eyecote International
    Supplier of degaussers for hard drives, computer tapes, cartridges, and most other forms of magnetic media.
  • Tech Support & Services Inc.
    QIC, 4mm DAT & 8mm H/S tape drive repair and service, including authorized factory repair for Wangtek, WangDAT, and Tecmar.
  • Moneke Inc.
    Source for tape drive parts, sales, and repairs.
  • Xcerta [SPONSOR]
    Manufacturer of 9-Track, 3480/3490/3490e and 3590/3590e tape drives for mainframes and PCs.
  • Tape Drives 4U [SPONSOR]
    Seller of new and rebuilt half inch tape drives.
  • Interface Data
    Sales of tape drives from Xcerta, Fujitsu, and M4 Data.
  • Virtual Tape Library
    Virtual tape solutions for backing up and restoring data faster.
  • Advanced Tape Drive Parts
    New and refurbished 9-track, 3480/3490/3490e and 3590/3590e tape drive parts.
  • Oak Systems
    Offering the Fastback 59T tape drive with a storage capacity of up to 50GB native and 100GB compressed.
  • Equiptek
    Inexpensive internal tape backup for any PC.
  • US Tape Media
    Specializing in tape media, tape drives, and network storage devices, including tape libraries, network attached storage (NAS) and storage area networks (SAN).
  • J & J Peripherals
    Datasonix Pereos tape drive and accessories.
  • RC Electronics
    Specializes in the sales and support of tape drive systems and tape media.

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