Data Storage: Hard Disk Drives

  • Hitachi Global Storage Technologies
    Showcases Hitachi’s hard disk drive technology including the Ultrastar, Deskstar, Travelstar, Endurastar, and Microdrive digital range.
  • Castlewood Systems, Inc.
    Designs and manufactures ORB removable media drives.
  • Hutchinson Technology
    Supplier of suspension assemblies for hard disk drives.
  • Portable Hard Disk
    Parallel port adapter for PCMCIA 1.8′ removable Hard Disks and 2.5′ Hard Disk Drives and regular 3.5′ Hard Disk Drives.
  • Logicube, Inc.
    Manufacturers of hard disk drive duplication and diagnostic products.
  • BUSlink
    External hard drive for CD-RW or DVD plus RW.
  • PMC Technologies, Inc.
    Manufacturer of Data Partner removable disk drive subsystems.
  • Prostor Systems
    InfiniVault Archive Appliance from ProStor Systems, features automated archiving and compliance via removable disk for small to medium enterprises.
  • FlexStar Technology, Inc
    Disk drive test equipment manufacturer offering solutions for every need, from single-port portable systems to multi-port production racks and environmental chambers.
  • Guzik Technical Enterprises
    Manufactures test equipment for the disk drive industry. The site is used for technical support.
  • EasyDisk
    Offers EasyDisk portable USB hard drives in a wide range of capacities.
  • Hard Drive Data Recovery and Repair Labs
    Computer Solutions’ Hard Drive division has experience in Hard disk data recovery and repair. We’ve fixed drives hit by lightning, floods and even Dos 6.2.
  • Digital Measurement Systems (DMS)
    Supplier of test equipment used to measure the magnetic properties of thin film media.
  • Accurite Technologies Inc.
    Manufactures floppy drive alignment disks and testers, PCMCIA prototyping and development kits, extender cards, and floppy drive subsystems.
  • Prostor Systems: RDX Storage Solutions
    RDX removable disk technology provides simple and safe removable storage solutions for home and small business data backup and recovery.
  • DataCity
    Provides removable hard drives and kits.
  • Kieu’s Direct Source, Inc.
    Sells all major brands and models of hard drives and tape drives including Dell, IBM, Compaq, Exabyte, and more.
  • ThumbDrive
    Maker of USB flash memory hard drives to replace floppy and zip disks, compact flash, and smartmedia cards.
  • Kobe Precision
    Suppliers of substrates for disk drive manufacturers, as well as providers of wafer reclamation services for the semiconductor industry.
  • Pockey Europe Ltd
    Offers portable hard disk drives, compatible with PC’s, Mac’s, and laptops.
  • TTi, Inc.
    Testers for the harddisk drive industries.
  • Inter-Tech Corporation
    Producers of rugged hard drives for defense and industry.
  • Hard Drives 4 Less
    Specializes in new and refurbished hard disk drives for desktop PCs, workstations, servers, and laptops. Also sells PC cameras, internal modems, and disk controller cards.
  • Toli Packaging Industries
    Specializing in cleanroom compatible packaging containers for hard disk drives and electronics components.
  • Duplication Products Northwest
    DPN distributes Y-E Data industrial drives exclusively.
    Manufactures a portable USB storage drive with plug and play simplicity for Windows, MAC, and Linux.
  • Storage Solutions, Inc.
    Featuring Raid, backup, failover storage and storage fault tolerance for all networks, operating systems and computer solutions.
    Offers computer memory and hard drive upgrades.
  • Ontrac Data
    Servicing and selling floppy drives.
  • Magretech, Inc.
    Offers new and refurbished magnetic disk heads, and repairs and spares for a variety of computer peripherals.
  • SCSI Shop
    Specializes in various SCSI server equipment including hard disks, tape and DAT drives, and SCSI cards.