Evil blackmail virus

The history of the most evil blackmail virus, computer information is completely damaged

Blackmail virus will disk images, documents, video, compressed packets and other types of information forcibly encrypted, resulting in the file can not be properly opened. The outbreak of the blackmail virus, including ONION and WNCRY two, respectively, the disk files will be tampered with. Sonion and .wncry suffix, the amount of extortion of the virus up to more than 50,000 yuan.

Blackmail viruses generally use a high-intensity encryption algorithm, if there is no virus maker’s private key, ordinary computer violence crack at least hundreds of thousands of years. If you have been poisoned, then you should scan the full anti-virus, and as soon as possible to patch, do not be “computer patch will slow down” rumors misleading.

NSA hacker weapons long-range strike, education NetEase in the move

In April of this year, NSA (US National Security Agency) hacker arsenal was leaked open, including a dedicated remote attack Windows file sharing port (445 port) “Eternal Blue” hacker weapons.

The virus outbreak is the use of “eternal blue” attack has a flawed Windows device. As the education network does not ban 445 port, there are a large number of exposed loopholes in the machine, become the most important extortion virus. In addition, some did not timely patched enterprises and transportation, energy and other industries within the infrastructure network has also been infected.

Popular said that if the system exists NSA weapons attack vulnerability, as long as the boot network, do not need you to do any operation, extortion virus can automatically infect the system.