Replace the PCB on the hard disk method

You can replace the printed circuit board on your hard disk if the old corrupted or damaged. They offer by companies hard disk manufacturer. Contact the manufacturer to get the chlorine required for the hard disk drive. Use the following steps to replace the PCB. Here are the steps that must be followed:

The first thing, you need to select the correct chlorine. So you need four things to match the model number and part number, and firmware and No. label. You can check the label on the above with the bar code. Obtaining evidence to find the matching directory.

Once you have found a chip to swap, and swap in the new council. It will require some experience and welding tools. Take off the old chip and welding again on the new chip. This will be the technical side a bit, so be sure to examine the evidence replacement.

Now install the hard disk drive, and verify that it works on your computer.