Free Remote File Storage/Sharing/Backup

The services listed in this section enable you to backup, store and/or share your files on the Internet for free.
1 Gigabyte of free space to share files.

Free 1Gb of remote storage space including FTP access and file-sharing. The non-free plans range from 2 Gb for $ 2.99/month up to 20 Gigabytes for $19.99/Month

File Hamster
Free real-time backup and archiving of your files while you work, monitor specific files on your hard drive and automatically create incremental backups, etc.

Remote storage space which presents itself as simply another disk-drive inside your Windows computer (no software needs to be installed).The 50 Mb package is free. The non-free packages start from $ 2 per month for 500 Mb.

1GB of free file storage space.

I(2) Drive
500 Mb storage, 1 Gb transfer for $ 9.99 per month

Internet Virtual Storage
A list of sites providing internet based storage solutions, i.e. remote virtual hard drives or remote virtual storage space, both free and commercial.

5 Gigabytes of free file storage, maximum file size: 500 Mb.

6 Gigabytes of free online file storage, backup and file-sharing.

5 Mb of free file storage.
100 MB free space, share folders with other users, access zip files online.

Non-free, 15 day free trial. Integrates with the Windows explorer as an extra drive. 5 Gb secure storage for $9.95 per month; 25 Gb Xdrive work-group storage for $ 99.95 per month.

Yahoo Briefcase
30 Mb of free files storage. Save Yahoo! Mail attachments directly to your Yahoo! Briefcase.