Online Data Recovery

1. What we usually do after data loss?
After data loss, we usually go to the web to find some solutions. Some people will try themselves to do recovery. But most of us do the follows: try to find some recovery freeware or to buy a recovery shareware and get the professional tech support. However, is there any other method you know? Yes, you are right. You can choose online data recovery.

2. What online data recovery can help you?
Recover lost data, including deleted files, damaged or deleted partition, format, Fdisk, corrupt or missing operating system files, corrupt files, missing partitions etc.

3. What should you do during online data recovery?

  • An internet connection (Preferably high speed)
  • A secondary storage device like an External USB hard drive, mapped network drive, secondary data drive or Zip drive(To save your recovered data to).
  • A secondary computer to connect your drive to. (You must avoid writing data to the drive you want recovered at all costs to eliminate the risk of overwriting the files you want to get back)

4. Why we should choose online data recovery?

  • Save time
  • Save money

5. How Online Data Recovery Service Work?

  • They will connect to your computer over the internet using a secure connection (Such as Team Viewer)
  • Once connected, they will perform some basic diagnostics tests to determine the proper steps and procedures to safeguard your data and prevent further damage.
  • They begin rebuilding file structures and looking for your most important files.
  • They will go through the recoverable files with you to verify their integrity
  • You will be provided with a list of recoverable files an a total price
  • You authorize recovery and they begin saving your files
  • Depending on drive size, internet connection speed and type of damage your files can be recovered in 1 to 2 hours.

6. Some Online data recovery companies: