PC-3000 for SCSI

PC-3000 for SCSIPC-3000 for SCSI is a first-to-market professional hardware-software solution for testing, diagnosing the failures and recovering data from Hard Disk Drives with SCSI and SAS interfaces in tandem with Data Extractor SCSI.

  • SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) are supported.
  • SCSI-2, Ultra SCSI, Ultra2 SCSI, Ultra 160 SCSI, Ultra 320 SCSI is supported.
  • Original user-friendly interface similar to that one of PC-3000 for Windows.
  • PC-3000 for SCSI can work with 1 up to 15 Hard Disk Drives simultaneously; make tests and service operations for each of them and independently from all the other drives.
  • New PC-KEY2 (Power supplier) card can control power supply of one HDD.
  • Three external power sources of ATX standard, you can connect several HDDs to each of them. DBMS for resource storage – one of the most safe database of all existing ones.
  • PC-3000 for SCSI hardware-software product can function under these Operating systems: Microsoft Windows 98/ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP. Requirements to your PC hardware are determined by the requirements to the OS. SCSI adapter must be installed.
  • Know-how manuals with different methodologies of data recovery, recommendations on interchangeability of PCBs, succession of making hot-swap.

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