RAID Data Recovery Service

RAID provides high performance to us, especially server users but it also brings us with much trouble. For example, we might be troubled to manage RAID partitions such as resizing or moving them. Luckily we could solve the problem quickly and easily with partition manager softwares or by adding hard disk. However, when we encounter data loss due to system crash, virus attack or power failure/surge, it will get serious because it causes greater loss if we recover data from raid at random, therefore, we should get help from professional raid recovery service, which is the first choice because of its quickness and safeness.

Types Of RAID failures:

To summarize, RAID server often fails as a result of the following situations and frequently, a combination of them :

  • Malfunctioned Controller
  • Raid rebuild error or volume reconstruction problem
  • Missing RAID partition
  • Multiple disk failure in off-line state resulting in loss of RAID volume
  • Wrong replacement of good disk element belonging to a working raid volume
  • Power Surge
  • Data Deletion or reformat
  • Virus Attack
  • Loss of RAID configuration settings or system registry
  • Inadvertent reconfiguration of RAID volume
  • Loss of RAID disk access after system or application upgrade

With larger drive capacities the odds of a drive failure during rebuild are not negligible. In that event, the difficulty of extracting data from a failed array must be considered. Only a RAID 1 (mirror) stores all data on each drive in the array. Although it may depend on the controller, some individual drives in a RAID 1 can be read as a single conventional drive; this means a damaged RAID 1 can often be easily recovered if at least one component drive is in working condition. If the damage is more severe, some or all data can often be recovered by professional data recovery specialists. However, other RAID levels (like RAID level 5) present much more formidable obstacles to data recovery.

When looking for a RAID data recovery service, it’s essential to find one with the technical expertise and tools required to restore your data. It’s also important to consider the security measures the company employs to protect your data.

One of the most important features to consider is the company’s clean room or clean benches (Make you own cleanbox cheap). Disks are sensitive. If a technician works on a hard disk in conditions below than the industry standard, it could cause further damage to the hardware. International Organization for Standardization ISO number that rates clean rooms based on the amount of contaminant particles per volume of air.

It’s important to find a data recovery service that has up-to-date software and tools for the best chance of data recovery. The best RAID data repair services will first evaluate your problem without charging you. The company should then supply you with a concrete estimate.

Because your business or personal data is stored on the RAID, it’s important to find a recovery service that will maintain a secure and private environment. This includes a facility that has around-the-clock security monitoring, locked clean rooms and background-tested employees. The best RAID data recovery services also are SSAE 16 certified, which is a third-party standard to measure companies’ privacy and security.

Recovery Capabilities
Since your RAID contains your important data, who better to entrust it to than an expert with years of experience. We found services that have a high success rate at recovering data lost to a variety of calamities. We also looked at how quickly, on average, these companies can repair a RAID.

Help & Support
If you use your RAID in a business setting, having it inoperable for even a day can translate into a large amount of lost revenue. To resolve the problem quickly, it’s important to choose a RAID data recovery service with 24/7 customer support to help you get your RAID to a service location and start the recovery attempt as soon as possible. It’s also essential that the company keep you updated regarding the progress of the recovery.

RAID Data Recovery Service Providers:

  • Secure Data Recovery
  • SalvageData
  • Gillware
  • Data Recovery Services
  • DTI Data
  • DataTech Labs
  • WeRecoverData
  • Kroll Ontrack

Although your RAID may have some serious problems, RAID recovery services are confident that they can assist you in recovering your data. If you need your RAID restored immediately, all of these companies have emergency recovery services that prioritize working on your array until the process is complete. Don’t try to recover data from a RAID on your own. If you make a mistake, you could potentially lose the data you are working to save. Instead, contact a RAID recovery service to restore your invaluable information.