The necessary condition of Hard Disk Data Recovery Training

Data Recovery Training Before you choose a hard disk data recovery training, you should know what is necessary condition of the training.

First, the Data Recovery course exposes you to a professional data recovery lab environment, which includes:

  • A Class 100 Clean Room Environment(maintains less than one hundred particles larger than 0.5 microns in each cubic foot of air space)
  • A SMD Rework station for diagnosis and removal of SMD components on Hard Disk Drives and Solid State Drives
  • Platter and head exchanging station with head combs for single and multi-platter swaps
  • Data recovery tools, write blockers, micro-tweezers and dental picks, anti-static gloves and finger cots, and much more.
  • Data Recovery Workstation with associated drive connectors and BIOS bypass tools.

It is imperative to learn how to perform physical data recovery in a Class 100 clean room training environment. Even the smallest piece of dust that falls on an exposed drive platter can damage it irreparably, making data unrecoverable.

A warning note to prospective students: Any data recovery training that is taught by self-proclaimed “industry experts” without a clean room is a likely an “edutainment show” or a potential rip-off. You won’t get the detailed instruction you need to do physical data recovery outside of a clean room environment.

Second, choose the training Institutions who can provide a professional data recovery lab experience for students. You will learn how to diagnose faulty PCBs, understand how to swap them with working PCBs. You will also learn critical Surface Mounted Device (SMD) rework skills using a heat gun. This includes identifying donor ROM SMDs and using rework flux to replace non-functional ROM chips.

Third, If you want to learn the all-around hard disk data recovery skills, learning how to exchange drive platters and heads is requisite. This is a critical skill that requires expert instruction. The proper method for head and platter swapping is detailed thoroughly in the Data Recovery course. It is the better if the institutions who also can teach you how to cover voice coil diagnosis and repair. Further more, teach you the secrets of Firmware and Service Area (SA) repair for many different types of drives, including Western Digital, Maxtor, IBM and Seagate hard drives.

The last, choose the classes do not rely on you purchasing any expensive tools, such as PC-3000 to perform data recovery.